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ASMR | WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? | Full Album Billie Eilish Tribute

ASMR | WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? | Full Album Billie Eilish Tribute

Uploader: Gibi ASMR

Duration: 38:05

Date: April 05, 2019

In case you don't know who Billie Eilish, lemme just plug her channel real quick:

Spotify too!:

OKAY I already wrote this description once but YouTube is the worst so here we go again I hope I don't forget anything!!!
ANYWAY -- I was literally listening to a Billie Eilish song (i kid you noT miss me with it) when I got this email to do a video for her new album and I was like YUP and spent the entire week shooting and editing and I know its late but I really hope you enjoy it ;-;
She is so freaking talented I hope I did a semblance of justice to the album and its a cool ASMR experience for you! I had a lot of fun actually using my camera and lights to their bigger potential (as much potential as one girl + a Ben in a room have) and it gave me a lot of ideas for future videos :') Thanks for watching, all.

I did match a lot of these song themes with Billie's actual music videos/explanations behind the video, so the more you check out her content, the more easter eggs you'll find!
0:00 - !!!!!!! (get it?? I hAVE inVISALIGN TOOO)
0:10 - bad guy
3:01 - xanny
6:37 - you should see me in a crown
9:49 - all the good girls go to hell
12:30 - wish you were gay
16:30 - when the party's over
18:34 - 8
20:52 - my strange addiction
24:18 - bury a friend (i messed up a lyric in this one, im so sorry! it was the first one I shot and I was nervous fjdkalfja)
28:03 - ilomilo
30:11 - listen before i go
32:27 - i love you
36:36 - goodbye

*Disclaimer that is kind of obvious* I did not write any of these songs or lyrics!! Nor do my personal opinions reflect anything you might...make of this video LOL idk

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