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Slam dance the cosmopolis


Some bands go on and on, churning out record after record, selling millions, flying the world in private jets, filling stadiums. Others go quietly about their business, putting smiles on the faces of the few lucky enough to hear their music. These aren’t the bands you’ll hear on daytime radio—you’re lucky to hear them on nighttime radio these days—and who’ll never to get to join Jools for the jam sketch.

They may leave a substantial legacy, like the recently retired Ace Bushy Striptease, or they may just leave a handful of songs that can only leave us thinking what might have been.

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You poor, broken, mixed-up mess of a heart

Brussels heart

The centre of Brussels, defined by the ridiculous roads that trace the route of the old city walls, is often described as the pentagon, though thankfully not the kind that remotely drops bombs on Pakistani schoolchildren. But the shape also echoes that of the human heart and while no-one would describe Brussels as the city of love, it’s a poor broken mixed up mess of a city that I love, and if one day I have to leave it will break my heart.

Coincidentally, several of the records I’ve been listening too recently make reference to that most metaphorical of human organs. Given that love is the overwhelmingly most popular subject of the pop song, that’s scarcely a surprise. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy life without surprises—it is good for the heart, after all.

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