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I’m not used up, not yet


A couple of posts ago I mentioned that over the past 12 months I’ve struggled to find music that has truly astonished me. But then, looking back, that’s been the case for a few years now. Maybe I’m just getting weary; hopefully it’s merely a lull.

Nonetheless, I’d be mistaken if I thought that the past 12 months have largely been forgettable. There has still been much to love, whether soaring post-rock from Motherwell, revived, perky 90s pop from Brighton, or vegan-fuelled indie from just down the road in County Durham.

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This false idea of love has an entire language

Grey light

I can’t write music reviews. I’ve tried, but they sound like pile of pretentious twaddle., which is pretty much what all music reviews sound like to me. Maybe I am doing something right after all.

So when a band asks me if I would like to review their latest offering, I smile wryly to myself, thinking they’d probably prefer it if I didn’t. Instead I’ll just make the usual smart-arsed or vaguely informed comment and let you decide for yourselves. You know, like when you listen to the radio.

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What else is there to do than watch some Scooby Doo?

Eva on the Western Castle Island

What would happen if you crossed a young Malaysian woman with three chaps from Finland? Some quite delightful pop music, courtesy of Eva on the Western Castle Island.

Eva, so the bio goes, lived in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru with her mother and little sister and like all Malaysian girls she was spending her days in karaoke booths, huge shopping malls and night markets.

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