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Maybe Definitely

OK Maybe OK is the first in a series of new singles from Mega Emotion, ahead of their debut album, tentatively titled Move, Motherfucker.

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The car is the killer


If anything encapsulates just how much my life has changed since I became a teacher, it’s quite how I managed to go a whole year without hearing the latest single by Mega Emotion. Such things so easily pass me by these days.

Norwich’s synth-pop (with a difference) trio first made these pages two-and-a-half years ago, with their debut single, Brains, though their esoteric sounds were already quite familiar to regular readers.

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Spend a little time with me

Big Spender

The blog has emerged, blinking, yawning and stretching its arms after another of its all-too-frequent but in-this-case-unavoidable hiatuses. An aestivation enforced by relocation, by the clearing out the accumulated detritus of everyday life and, worst of all, by being without a Mac for three weeks demands a blog post of exceptional clarity and conviction.

If this were an everyday—as opposed to randomly intermittent—music blog, clarity and conviction would manifest themselves in lists of the best records of a year that hasn’t yet finished. Go elsewhere for such assumption.

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As routine bites hard

petrol station

Every so often I hear a new track that begs to be played over and over. The first time I remember this happening was some 30 years ago, when I brought home the seven-inch of Love Will Tear Us Apart. As I recall, albeit very vaguely, I played it 18 times in a row, enchanted.

As Joy Division songs go—and this is all relative of course, given that almost every Joy Division song towers over more than 99% of other bands’ output—it leaves me rather cold these days. There’s a lesson there somewhere.

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