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Sleeping like a weeping willow


Hospitality is the act or service of welcoming, receiving, hosting or entertaining guests, which is what I feel we do here at smithsocksimon.net, by providing a comfortable seat for the rich and rewarding audio journey that awaits.

Today’s journey has little rhyme or reason, save that the first six songs below all come from LPs released in 2014. It’s been a quiet year, music-wise, on this blog. Either there’s not so much exciting new music out there or it’s not finding it’s way onto the smithsockstereo. It’s a worrying scenario, one that ciould lead to overlong wallowing in musical nostalgia, which must be avoided at all costs, lest I end up subscribing to Mojo, nodding in agreement when I read Q Magazine’s review pages and turning to The Guardian to find out which “albums” I should be buying this week.

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Like a panther on the prowl

Cafe Loveless Motel

Let’s Be Loveless is not a guide for living but four people who make pop songs displaying their admiration for shoegaze, Britpop and garage rock.

Like The Ferns, I’m in You, The Hundred in the Hands and Hospitality, all of whom have featured here before, they’re from Brooklyn, which must be some place for any music fan to be at the moment.

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And then I shot myself, so drink, drink, drink

Hospitality are and indie pop trio from Brooklyn, that formed in 2007 but, like fine wines and the best beef, took some time to mature.

Belying an appearance that suggests just another bunch of “quirky” wannabe-indie kids, Hospitality make proper pop records that deserve a much wider audience than bands with their talent usually garner. This track comes from the band’s self-titled debut LP.

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