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Nouvelle Vague // Athol Brose

Athol Brose

There is something essentially comforting about Nouvelle Vague, and their loungey, bossa nova covers of well-known and some less well-known post-punk tunes.

Back in 2004 they seemed like a novelty that would soon wear off, but, perhaps energised by a surprisingly effervescent live show, they’ve embarked on a career that will soon see them release a fifth LP. The first single from it is a cover of a Cocteau Twins song, from the Scottish band’s 1988 LP, Blue Bell Knoll.

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The kids are solid gold


No-one has a more impressive indie pop CV than the former chief economist and senior director of mergers for the Office of Fair Trading, Amelia Fletcher.

The current professor of competition policy at the University of East Anglia has fronted Heavenly, Talulah Gosh, Marine Research and Tender Trap, sung backing vocals for the Wedding Present and Hefner and been guest vocalist for several other bands. She’s also played keyboards for Sportique.

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You’re going on after Crispy Ambulance

Crisps and ambulance

A new year, the same old lackadaisical approach to blogging: if you’ve come here looking for an end-of-year list of best albums or some such thing, leave disappointed. I’ll leave such comprehensiveness to others while completely ignoring the turn of the calendar to bring you a song from 2012.

This is latest release from Deaf Club and the second mention on this blog for a band about whom I know very little, save that they keep making fantastic records. Let’s hope they’ve resolved to continue doing so.

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Day 28 — a song that makes me feel guilty

At some stage I will return the dozen or so records that I’ve borrowed from friends over the years. Honestly. It’s not that I never meant to give them back, just that time and distance have never made it convenient to do so.

Several of those records are Cocteau Twins EPs, 12-inch releases of Aikea-Guinea, Love’s Easy Tears and Echoes in a Shallow Bay. But perversely it’s a track from none of these that jolts my guilty feelings.

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