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I prefer the cherry

According to my good friend @L0fth0use, today is Remix Thursday, which would normally send me scurrying for the fast forward button.

Remixes, more often than not, are a surefire way of making a record sound worse. Though New Order spent the best part of 20 years trying to prove me wrong, I remain convinced that handing a carefully crafted record over to a producer or DJ to do with what they will is a recipe for shite.

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Just a wooer

I think it’s safe to say that Belgium isn’t known for it pop music. Comic books, beer and chocolate, cycling, fin de siècle architecture and an apparent lack of famous people, yes, but the cheesy new wave of Ça Plane Pour Moi is just about the beginning and end of the post-Jacques Brel¹ Belgian music industry.

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Two songs about Belgium

<a href=”http://smithsocksimon.net/2011/04/01/two-songs-about-belgium>Ruby Trax NME Roaring FortyVic Reeves had a big hit when he teamed up with The Wonder Stuff to cover Tommy Roe’s Dizzy, but the comic genius reached his musical zenith with a “version” of Ultravox’s Vienna. The song featured on Ruby Trax, a 40-track triple CD released in 1992 to mark the fortieth anniversary of the NME and to raise money for The Spastics Society — now known as Scope — which also celebrated its ruby anniversary in that year.

Reeves’ ditched Ultravox’s nonsense lyrics for some nonsense of his own, largely concerning the Belgians, their police force and how they aren’t to blame for the destruction of Europe.

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