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A Place to Bury Strangers // And I’m Up
A Place to Bury Strangers // I Know I’ll See You

A Sudden Burst of Colour // Zen

Abba // The Day Before You Came [video]

Ace Bushy Striptease // Not if it’s to a Love Song
Ace Bushy Striptease // Peanut Butter Revolution

Acid House Kings // Come Josephine
Acid House Kings // (I’m In) a Chorus Line
Acid House Kings // One Two Three Four
Acid House Kings // This Heart is a Stone [Acid House Kings’ Costa Blanca Version]

Adam and the Ants // A.N.T.S.
Adam and the Ants // Ants Invasion
Adam and the Ants // Cartrouble
Adam and the Ants // Digital Tenderness
Adam and the Ants // Dog Eat Dog
Adam and the Ants // Family of Noise
Adam and the Ants // Killer in the Home
Adam and the Ants // Kings of the Wild Frontier
Adam and the Ants // Prince Charming [video]
Adam and the Ants // Stand and Deliver [video]
Adam and the Ants // Tabletalk
Adam and the Ants // The Magnificent Five
Adam and the Ants // Young Parisians
Adam and the Ants // Zerox

Adele // Rolling in the Deep [video]

The Adelines // Alleyway
The Adelines // If You Go
The Adelines // Jigsaw
The Adelines // On My Head
The Adelines // Park the Car

Aeroplane // Without Lies [Black Van remix]

Afternoon Naps // Short Sleeves

Age of Chance // Kiss [video]

All India Radio // Black Satin

Allo Darlin’ // Darren
Allo Darlin’ // Silver Dollars
Allo Darlin’ // Still Young
Allo Darlin’ // We Come From the Same Place

Mark Almond // Like a Prayer

Alpaca Sports // He Doesn’t Even Like You
Alpaca Sports // I Was Running

Alpine // Too Safe 1 // 2

Altair Nouveau // Death on Four Wheels

Altered Images // Disco Pop Stars
Altered Images // Happy Birthday
Altered Images // I Could Be Happy

Amsterdam // God Bless Peter Wylie

Appletop // Twenty-five

April March and Aquaserge // Sparklers

Arcite // The Escape Key

The Arctic Flow // Just Say Hello

Art Brut // Blame it on the Trains

Artery // A Song for Lena
Artery // Into the Garden

Asa Chang and Junray // Hana

Ash // Petrol

Ask for Joy // Dragonfies

Asobi Seksu // Never Understand

The Assembly // Never Never

Associates // It’s Better This Way
Associates // Party Fears Two

Aswad // Concrete Slaveship

The Austerity Program // Song 36

Axes // Fleetwood Math

Aztec Camera // Walk out to Winter

Azure Blue // Willows and Pines

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Bad Manners // Special Brew [video]

Ballboy // All the Records on the Radio are Shite 1 // 2
Ballboy // Born in the USA
Ballboy // Cicily
Ballboy // I Hate Scotland
Ballboy // Let’s Fall in Love and Run Away From Here
Ballboy // Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers
Ballboy // Something Is Going to Happen Soon
Ballboy // Stronger Hearts than Mine Lie Empty
Ballboy // The Sash My Father Wore
Ballboy // They’ll Hang Flags from Crances upon My Wedding Day
Ballboy // We’ve All Had Better Days
Ballboy // You Can’t Spend Your Whole Life Hanging Around With Arseholes
Ballboy and Laura Cantrell // I Lost You but I Found Country Music

Shirley Bassey // Diamonds are Forever [video]

Battle // Wicked Owl

Bauhaus // Bela Lugosi’s Dead

The Beach Boys // 409

Bearsuit // Diagonal Girl 1 // 2
Bearsuit // Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck 1 // 2
Bearsuit // More Soul Than Wigan Casino
Bearsuit // Please Don’t Take Him Back [video]
Bearsuit // Princess Test [video]
Bearsuit // When Will I Be Queen [video] 1 // 2

The Beatles // I Should Have Known Better
The Beatles // While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Beliefs // Catch My Breath

Belle and Sebastian // Another Sunny Day 1 // 2
Belle and Sebastian // Consuelo
Belle and Sebastian // Don’t Leave the Light on Baby
Belle and Sebastian // Expectations
Belle and Sebastian // I Want the World to Stop
Belle and Sebastian // Like Dylan in the Movies
Belle and Sebastian // The Boy with the Arab Strap
Belle and Sebastian // The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner
Belle and Sebastian // The State I Am In
Belle and Sebastian // Wrapped up in Books

Belly // Dusted
Belly // Gepetto

Bernthøler // My Suitor

Best Coast // I Don’t Know How
Best Coast // Sunny Adventure
Best Coast // Who Have I Become?

Betty and the Werewolves // Euston Station [video]

The Bikini Beach Band // Big Blue Monday

The Bilinda Butchers // Teen Dream

Bikini Kill // Star-bellied Boy

Billie the Vision and the Dancers // Oh Baby, Yeah Honey
Billie the Vision and the Dancers // One More Full Length Record
Billie the Vision and the Dancers // Stuttering Duckling

Bing Crosby // Pennies from Heaven [video]

The Birthday Party // Release the Bats
The Birthday Party // 6″ Gold Blade

Bis // School Disco
Bis // Sweetshop Avengerz [video]

Black Grape // Reverend Black Grape [video]

Black Van // Express
Black Van & Holy Ghost // Moments of Excellence
Black Van & Holy Ghost // Moments of Excellence [Aeroplane mix]

Blancmange // The Day Before You Came

Bobby Bland // Members Only

Bleached // Dead in Your Head
Bleached // Ride Your Heart
Bleached // When I Was Yours

Blonde Summer // Slow Days Fast Company

The Blueskins // Magpie Blues

Bluetones // Slight Return [video]

Blur // Bank Holiday

Boca Chica // Afternoon Tea

The Boo Radleys // Take the Time Around
The Boo Radleys // The Finest Kiss
The Boo Radleys // Upon Ninth and Fairchild

The Boomtown Rats // Someone’s Looking at You

The Bordellos // Bring me the Head of Justin Bieber
The Bordellos // The Gospel according to Julian Cope

Bow Wow Wow : C30 C60 C90 Go!

Boxcar Bandits // Mixed Up Mess of a Heart

The Boys // Now, a Raid of Sea People!

Boys Town Gang // Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Billy Bragg // A New England [video]
Billy Bragg // Brickbat
Billy Bragg // Goodbye, Goodbye
Billy Bragg // Old Clash Fan Fight Song [video]
Billy Bragg // Tank Park Salute
Billy Bragg // The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
Billy Bragg // Tomorrow’s Going to Be a Better Day
Billy Bragg // Upfield
Billy Bragg // Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards

The Breeders // Drivin’ on 9

The Brendan Hines // To the Skull

The Broken Family Band // Diamonds in the Mine

Bubblegum Lemonade // This is the new Normal

The Burning Hearts // Letter

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Camera Obscura // Super Trouper
Camera Obscura // Suspended from Class
Camera Obscura // Troublemaker

Laura Cantrell // Bees
Laura Cantrell // Love Vigilantes
Laura Cantrell // No Way There From Here

The Capsules // Hearts
The Capsules // Hollywood
The Capsules // The Long Goodbye
The Capsules // With Signs Repeating

The Carpenters // Top of the World

Carter USM // Rent

Cassette Boy // 4 Tomatoes, £20

Terry de Castro // East St O’Neill

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Do You Love Me? (part 2)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Higgs Boson Blues
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Higgs Boson Blues [video]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Lay Me Low
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Push the Sky Away [live version]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Running Scared
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Thirsty Dog
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // We No Who U R [video]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds & Kylie Minogue and Shane MacGowan // Death is not the End 1 // 2
Nick Cave and Shane MacGowan // What a Wonderful World

The Capris // There’s a Moon out Tonight [video]

Catherine Wheel // Black Metallic

Ceremony // Love is Fiction
Ceremony // Until Forever

The Chameleons // Second Skin

Chumbawamba // Enough is Enough [video]
Chumbawamba // How to Get Your Band on Television

Cinerama // 10 Denier
Cinerama // All the Things She Said
Cinerama // And When She Was Bad
Cinerama // Après Ski
Cinerama // Au Pair
Cinerama // Crusoe 1 // 2
Cinerama // Diamonds Are Forever
Cinerama // Don’t Touch that Dial
Cinerama // Film
Cinerama // Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)
Cinerama // Hard, Fast and Beautiful 1 // 2
Cinerama // Health and Efficiency
Cinerama // Kings Cross 1 // 2
Cinerama // London
Cinerama // Mystery Date
Cinerama // Nickles and Dimes
Cinerama // Stop Thief
Cinerama // Superman
Cinerama // The One that Got Away
Cinerama // This isn’t What it Looks Like
Cinerama // Two Girls
Cinerama // Yesterday Once More

The Clash // 1977
The Clash // Four Horsemen
The Clash // Ghetto Defendant
The Clash // London’s Burning [video]
The Clash // Police and Thieves
The Clash // Stay Free [video]
The Clash // (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais
The Clash // White Riot

The Classics // Till Then

Clockwork Era // Fear Inside

Cloud Nothings // Psychic Trauma
Cloud Nothings // Wasted Days

CLSM // John Peel (Not Enough) [Fergus Mayhem mix]

Cocteau Twins // Amelia
Cocteau Twins // Blind Dumb Deaf
Cocteau Twins // Pink Orange Red

Cornershop // Brimful of Asha [video]

The Count Of Chateau Noir // After The Carnival

Cozy Catastrophes // Always Say Never to Always

Crispy Ambulance // Deaf

Crocodiles // She Splits Me Up

The Crystals // Then He Kissed Me

The Cure // A Strange Day
The Cure // Jumping Someone Else’s Train
The Cure // Play for Today
The Cure // Secrets
The Cure // The Drowning Man
The Cure // Three Imaginary Boys

Cymbals // The End

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The D4 // Get Loose

The Damned // Love Song

Dark Furs // Sarah

The Datsuns // Blacken My Thumb [video]

Dead Kennedys // Too Drunk to Fuck

Dead Stars // Waste Away

Deaf Club // Break it Slow
Deaf Club // Mirrors

Decibelles // Bloody Bloody Whiffy Scuzzy
Decibelles // Bloody Bloody Whiffy Scuzzy [video]
Decibelles // Ohio

Decoration // I Tried It, I Liked It, I Loved It
Decoration // Joy Adamson

Maurice Deebank // Dance of Deliverance

Deer Tracks // W

The Delgados // Pull the Wires From the Wall 1 // 2 [video]
The Delgados // Mr Blue Sky

Diners // Citrus

Dirty Summer // Then He Kissed Me

The Divine Comedy // At the Indie Disco [video]

DJ Riko // Whistler’s Delight

DM Bob and the Deficits // Bush Hog’n Man

Dog Party // Best Friends
Dog Party // Lost Control [video]

Dogs in Ecstasy // Buzz

Lou Doillon // I.C.U.

Dressmaker // Glass
Dressmaker // Love Will Tear Us Apart

Dubmatix // She’s in Love

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Steve Earle // I Feel Alright

The Early Morning Satellites/Honey // Cape Canaveral

Echo and the Bunnymen // Rescue
Echo and the Bunnymen // The Killing Moon [video]

Elastica // Stutter [video]
Elastica // Waking Up [video]

Electrelane // Suitcase<

Electronic // Getting Away with It [video]

EinZweiDreiVier! // State of Mind

Eva on the Western Castle Island // Surfing Like a Guru

The Everywheres // Grey Light

Exlovers // This Love Will Lead You On

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Fairchild // Figure it Out

The Faith Brothers // The Tradesman’s Entrance

The Fall // Blindness [video]
The Fall // Bury
The Fall // Bury Pts. 1+3
The Fall // Cosmos 7
The Fall // Dr Buck’s Letter
The Fall // Edinburgh Man
The Fall // Gut of the Quantifier
The Fall // Last Chance to Turn Around
The Fall // Lost in Music
The Fall // Pledge!
The Fall // Quit iPhone
The Fall // Remainderer
The Fall // Sir William Wray
The Fall // The Mixer
The Fall // Theme From Sparta FC
The Fall // What about Us? [video]

Family of the Year // I Played Drums on This

The Farmer’s Boys // More than a Dream

Felt // The Stagnant Pool

The Ferns // And It Looked Like This

The Fi-Tones // It Wasn’t a Lie

The Flamingos // Lovers Never Say Goodbye

Flies on You // Can You Smell that Burning Noise?
Flies on You // Josephine
Flies On You // Josephine [Rough as a dockers chin remix]
Flies on You // Shipmanesque

The Flirtations // Nothing but a Heartache

Formes // Inside I’ve Flown

Found // Machine Age Dancing

The Four Aces // Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle // I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch 1 // 2
FSK // In Loving Memory
FSK // My Funny Valentine

French Club // October

The French Defence // Comedy
The French Defence // If You Still Want Him
The French Defence // Melt

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Galactic Symposium // YMCA

Galway // 4

Martin Garrix // Animals [video]

David Gedge and the BBC Big Band // My Favourite Dress [video]

Gene // As Good as it Gets

The Gentle Isolation // Let’s Go Slow
The Gentle Isolation // Sea Horses

The Give It Ups // Alison Awesome

Go Faster // Modern Education

Gorillaz // Glitter Freeze [video]

Al Green // Simply Beautiful [video]

Pete Green // I Haven’t Got a Myspace Because Myspace Fucking Sucks
Pete Green // They Played My Song on Radio 1
The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut // Hey Dr Beeching

Greys // Guy Picciotto

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Paul Haig // One Lifetime Away

Bill Haley and his Comets // Rock Around the Clock [video]

Half Man Half Biscuit // A Country Practice
Half Man Half Biscuit // Asparagus Next Left
Half Man Half Biscuit // Breaking News
Half Man Half Biscuit // Even Men with Steel Hearts
Half Man Half Biscuit // Fix It so She Dreams of Me
Half Man Half Biscuit // For What is Chatteris
Half Man Half Biscuit // I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)
Half Man Half Biscuit // It’s Cliched to Be Cynical at Christmas
Half Man Half Biscuit // Keeping Two Chevrons Apart
Half Man Half Biscuit // Letters Sent
Half Man Half Biscuit // Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
Half Man Half Biscuit // Mathematically Safe
Half Man Half Biscuit // Reflections in A Flat
Half Man Half Biscuit // The Referee’s Alphabet
Half Man Half Biscuit // Something’s Rotten in the Back of Iceland
Half Man Half Biscuit // Westward Ho! Massive Letdown

Happy Mondays // Step On

Hard Corps // Dirty

PJ Harvey // Sheela-na-gig
PJ Harvey // Water

The Heart Throbs // I Wonder Why

Heavenly // Trophy Girlfriend
Heavenly // Wrap My Arms Around Him

Hefner // The Hymn for the Cigarettes
Hefner // A Hymn for the Coffee
Hefner // Don’t Go

Help Stamp Out Loneliness // Record Shop

Herman Düne // Drug Dealer in the Park

MJ Hibbett and the Validators // Do the Indie Kid [+video]
MJ Hibbett and the Validators // The Lesson of the Smiths

Hibou // Motion

Buddy Holly and the Crickets // An Empty Cup (and a Broken Date)

Hooverman // Stayin’ Alive

Hospitality // I Miss Your Bones
Hospitality // Rockets and Jets
Hospitality // The Birthday

The Housemartins // Flag Day

The Human League // Open Your Heart [video]

The Hummingbirds // Talking of Tomorrow

The Hundred in the Hands // Lovesick (Once Again)
The Hundred in the Hands // Tunnels

Hyper Kinako // Two Tadgers

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I Satellite // Your Silent Face

iLikeTrains // The Beeching Report
iLikeTrains // The Hive

The Ink Spots // If I Didn’t Care

I’m in You // Ex-Cult
I’m in You // Sure

Insect Guide // Bats

Inspiral Carpets // Tainted Love

Ivor MacGyver // Saliva 1 // 2

The Ivory Splinters // Does the Sun Still Rise in the East?

Ivy // Let’s Go to Bed
Ivy // Nothing but the Sky

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Millie Jackson // Loving Arms

The Jam // Beat Surrender [video]
The Jam // Down in the Tube Station at Midnight [single version]
The Jam // Down in the Tube Station at Midnight [live version]
The Jam // Dreams of Children [video]
The Jam // In the Midnight Hour
The Jam // Going Underground [video]
The Jam // Private Hell
The Jam // Running on the Spot
The Jam // Tales from the Riverbank
The Jam // The Planner’s Dream Goes Wrong

Jane // It’s a Fine Day

Jeen // Tourist

The Jesus and Mary Chain // Just Like Honey [video]
The Jesus and Mary Chain // The Living End

Joakim // Heartbeats

Joanna Gruesome // Secret Surprise
Joanna Gruesome // Tugboat

Johnny Foreigner // In Capitals

Nat Johnson and the Figureheads // Is My Heart Needed For It?
Nat Johnson and the Figureheads // Mick Kelly

Sophie and Peter Johnston // Television Satellite

Joy Division // Decades
Joy Division // Ice Age
Joy Division // Love Will Tear Us Apart [Peel Session version]
Joy Division // Means to an End
Joy Division // New Dawn Fades
Joy Division // The Sound of Music 1 // 2
Joy Division // Twenty Four Hours
Joy Division // Wilderness

The Joy Formidable // Whirring [video]

The Juan MacLean // Get Down (With my Love)

Juliana Hatfield Three // My Sister [video]

The Just Joans // Another Song about the Rain

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Kenickie // Come Out 2Nite 1 // 2

Lotte Kestner // The First time I Ever Saw Your Face

The Kiara Elles // Sunday

Kill Them with Colour // True Love

Killing Joke // Requiem

The Kissing Party // The Swimming Pool

Klein & MBO // Dirty Talk

KLF and Extreme Noise Terror // 3am Eternal [video]

Knarf Rellöm with the ShiShaShellöm // Eins Null

Krono featuring Vanjess // Redlight

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Lardpony // My Portable Friend

The Larks // Billy Graham’s Going to Heaven
The Larks // I am a Clean Boy
The Larks // Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! Out, out, out!
The Larks // Pain in the Neck

Latimer House // This Is Pop

Laura K // Darlin’

The League Unlimited Orchestra // Don’t You Want Me [Love and Dancing remix]

Leftfield // Space Shanty

Let’s Be Loveless // Motivational Speaker

Jerry Lee Lewis // I Love You So Much it Hurts

The LiLos // Catholic Child
The LiLos // Hollywood Rebel

Little Anthony and the Imperials // Tears on my Pillow

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete // What’s Holding You?

Helen Love // Atomic 1 // 2
Helen Love // Atomic [video]
Helen Love // Does Your Heart Go Boom
Helen Love // Happyhardcore
Helen Love // Hark the Herald Angels
Helen Love // Our Mum and Dad
Helen Love and Richard Autobahn // And the Salvation Army Band Plays [video]

Love L.U.V. // A Hundred Little Springs

Loveninjas // She Broke His Penis in Two
Local Girls // 12

Love Inks // Tim

Low // When I Go Deaf
Low and Dirty Three // Down by the River

The Lucid Dream // Sweet Hold on Me

Lucky Soul // One Kiss Don’t Make a Summer
Lucky Soul // The Towering Inferno
Lucky Soul // Up in Flames

Amy Lynn and the Gunshow // Remember (Walking in the Sand)

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M Roosevelt // Powerline

Shane MacGowan and Friends // I Put a Spell on You

Frankie Machine // How Great Thou Art

Madness // Bed and Breakfast Man

Madonna // Secret [video]

Magazine // Permafrost

Maher Shalal Hash Baz // Pelican of Wilderness

Makaras Pen // Opus 7

Making Marks // Barcodes [Soup Mix]
Making Marks // Breakthrough
Making Marks // Ticket Machine

Mama Cass // Make Your Own Kind of Music [video]

Dean Martin // Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me

Martha // 1967, I Miss You I’m Lonely

Jimmy Martin // Oceans of Diamonds

Massive Attack // Teardrop [video]

Curtis Mayfield // Miss Black America

Paul McCartney and Wings // Band on the Run

Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia // Morning After Pill

JD Meatyard // Jesse James

Mega Emotion // Brains
Mega Emotion // Brains [video]

Mel and Tim // Starting All Over Again

Microsatellite // Future music 4 future people

Mighty Diamonds // Have a Little Mercy

Mighty Sam // When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)

Wymond Miles // The Thirst

Milky Wimpshake // Milk Maid

Jane Baxter Miller // One Day at a Time

Minks // Doomed and Cool

Minny Pops // Secret Story

Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave // Where The Wild Roses Grow [Abbey Road version]

Minor Alps // I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands

Miss Black America // Miss Black America

Miss Mobile Home // Diamond Dead

Misty in Roots // Introduction | Man Kind
Misty in Roots // Ghetto of the City
Misty in Roots // Sodom and Gomorra

Misty’s Big Adventure // Home Taping is Killing Music
Misty’s Big Adventure // The Story of Love

mnttaB // mainsHum

Montag feat. Erika Spring // Memori

Morrissey and Siouxsie // Interlude

Motörhead // Motörhead

The Mountain Goats // Letter from Belgium
The Mountain Goats // Lovecraft in Brooklyn
The Mountain Goats // Your Belgian Things

Murder Mystery // Change my Mind

My Bloody Valentine // Soft As Snow But Warm Inside [video&#93
My Bloody Valentine // Soon [video] 1 // 2

My Little Pony // Fragments of an Island

My Tiger My Timing // Wasteland

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The Nature Set // I am a Planet

New Desert Blues // Eli

New Fast Automatic Daffodils // Partial

New Order // 1963 [video]
New Order // Blue Monday
New Order // Ceremony
New Order // Dream Attack
New Order // Dreams Never End
New Order // Everyone Everywhere
New Order // Fine time Silk mix
New Order // In a Lonely Place
New Order // Jetstream [video]
New Order // Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival [video]
New Order // Love Vigilantes [video]
New Order // Regret [video]
New Order // Round & Round [video]
New Order // Ruined in a Day [Reunited in a day remix]
New Order // Spooky [Stadium mix]
New Order // The Perfect Kiss [+video]
New Order // Vanishing Point
New Order // We all Stand
New Order // World (the Price of Love) [video]
New Order // Young Offender

Neverever // Venus

No Age // Life Prowler

Northern Portrait // Happy Nice Day

Nouvelle Vague // This is not a Love Song
Nouvelle Vague // Too Drunk to Fuck
Nouvelle Vague & Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws // Fade Out Lines

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Oasis // (It’s Good) To be Free
Oasis // Whatever

Observer Drift // Letters to Myself

Roy Orbison // Running Scared

Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark / OMD // Joan of Arc
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark / OMD // Souvenir

The Oldham Tinkers // Peterloo

The Orwells // Painted Faces and Long Hair

Owl and Mouse // Don’t Read the Classics

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PacificUV // Need

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Coral and Gold
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Even in Dreams
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Heart in Your Heartbreak 1 // 2 [video] // 3 [video]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Kelly
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Say No to Love [video]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart // Simple and Sure [video]

Palmz // Teenage Heartthrob

The Parallelograms // 1, 2, 3, Go!

The Paris Work-In // I Will Think of What you Said

Dolly Parton // Jolene

Pavement // The Killing Moon

Period Pains // Spice Girls (who do you think you are?)

Pet Friends // Come to Your Senses
Pet Friends // Language
Pet Friends // 12 Steps

Pet Shop Boys // Go West

Edith Piaf // Non, Je ne Regrette Rien [video]

PiL // This is not a Love Song

The Pistolas // 1-2-3 Revolt

Pocketbooks // Footsteps
Pocketbooks // Skating on Thin Ice

The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl // Fairytale of New York [video]

Emma Pollock // The Optimist

The Pooh Sticks // On Tape

The Popguns // Lovejunky
The Popguns // Still Waiting for the Winter
The Popguns // Waiting for the Winter 1 // 2

Portishead // Numb [video]

The Positions // Never Really Loved You Anyway

Postcode // Reds

Potty Mouth // The Better End

Elvis Presley // I Can’t Stop Loving You [video]
Elvis Presley // In the Ghetto [video]

Public Service Broadcasting // Everest
Public Service Broadcasting // Spitfire

Pulp // Do You Remember the First Time? [video]
Pulp // F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E

Pure X // Someone Else

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Quiz Kids // Too Much for Me to Shoulder

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Radiohead // Anyone Can Play Guitar

Raggasonic // Ça va clasher

The Ramones // Blitzkrieg Bop

Real Estate // It’s Real

Red Guitars // Steeltown

Oasis // Columbia

Otis Redding // Cigarettes and Coffee
Otis Redding // I’ve Been Loving You Too Long [video]

Red Shoe Diaries // Saturday Love Rocket

The Redskins // Bring it Down!
The Redskins // Keep On Keepin’ On
The Redskins // Levi Stubbs Tears [video]

Vic Reeves // Vienna

Reputante // Lock Me Up

Ride // Leave Them All Behind

Rocket Uppercut // (Whoo!) 2! 3! 4!

The Rolling Stones // Turd on the Run

Caitlin Rose // My Own Side

The Rosie Taylor Project // Lovers or Something Like It
The Rosie Taylor Project // Sleep

Roxy Music // Running Wild

Rumer // Am I Forgiven? [video]

Alice Russell // Crazy

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Sambassadeur // Sandy Dunes

The School // Baby Won’t You Stay With Me Tonight?
The School // Hungry Heart
The School // I Want You Back
The School // Shoulder
The School // Summer’s Here
The School // Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again?

Science Bastard // A Knock Came and I Thought Warning
Science Bastard // Fly Island
Science Bastard // Horse Meat Disco

Scissor Sisters // Comfortably Numb [video]

Serious Drinking // Love on the Terraces
Serious Drinking // Winter’s Over
Serious Drinking // Bobby Moore Was Innocent
Serious Drinking // The Revolution Starts at Closing Time

Sally Shapiro // All My Life

Sea Wolf // Black Dirt
Sea Wolf // Priscilla
Sea Wolf // Wicked Blood

Secret Colours // Tomorrow Never Knows

September Girls // Heartbeats [video]
September Girls // Melatonin
September Girls // Talking

Shampoo // Trouble

She Keeps Bees // Owl

Shonen Knife // Top of the World
Shonen Knife // Top of the World [video]

The Short Stories // Angry Young Man

Shrag // Tendons in the Night

Sleeping Policemen // Jack of All Trades

Sleeper // Delicious [video]

Langhorne Slim // Diamonds and Gold
Langhorne Slim // Leaving My Love

Frank Sinatra // Angel Eyes
Frank Sinatra // My Funny Valentine [video]
Frank Sinatra // We’ll Be Together Again [video]
Frank Sinatra // What’s New?

Siouxsie // Loveless
Siouxsie and the Banshees // Overground
Siouxsie and the Banshees // Red Light

The Skids // Arena
The Skids // TV Stars
The Skids // Woman in Winter
The Skids // Working for the Yankee Dollar [live]

Sky Larkin // Carve it Out

The Smiths // This Night Has Opened My Eyes
The Smiths // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
The Smiths // London
The Smiths // Unhappy Birthday

Soft As Snow But Warm Inside // When the Nightmare Ends

Spare Snare // Boom Boom Boom

The Specials // Concrete Jungle

Spillsbury // Das Spiel ist aus
Spillsbury // Jona

Splitter // Burnout Syndrome
Splitter // Concrete Jungle

The Spook School // I’ll Be Honest

Sportique // The Kids are Solid Gold

Standard Fare // Suitcase

Status Quo // Roll Over Lay Down

Stereolab // Metronomic Underground
Stereolab // Pop Quiz

Stereowoolf // When I Was a Baby Feminist

Steveless // Nothing

Stiff Little Fingers // At the Edge
Stiff Little Fingers // Johnny Was

Stockholm Monsters // National Pastime
Stockholm Monsters // Partyline

Stranglers // Dagenham Dave
The Stranglers // Down in the Sewer

Strawberry Whiplash // First Light of Dawn
Strawberry Whiplash // Santa Needs a Holiday

Joe Strummer // White Man in Hammersmith Palais [video]

Sugarcubes // Birthday

Summer Twins // All I Have To Do Is Dream
Summer Twins // I’m no Good

Super Furry Animals // The Man Don’t Give a Fuck

Superhumanoids // March of the Pigs

Bettye Swann // A Change is Gonna Come

Cast of Sweet Charity // Big Spender [video]

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Take That // Back for Good [video]

Talisman // Luck and Run

The Tamperer & Maya // If You Buy this Record Your Life Will Be Better [video]

Tape Deck Mountain // Slow Hell

Tapes ’n Tapes // Freak Out

Teen Mom // All the Time

TeenCanteen // Honey [video]
TeenCanteen // How We Met (Cherry Pie) [video]

The Telewire // Going Down

Tellison // Snow (Don’t tell the truth this Christmas)

Tender Trap // Memorabilia
Tender Trap // Train from King’s Cross Station

Joe Tex // The Love You Save

That Petrol Emotion // Big Decision

Thee Ahs // Corey’s Coathangers

Thick Shakes // Friends like These

This Many Boyfriends // Starling
This Many Boyfriends // Three Year Itch

Tigercats // Wheezer

Tiny Birds // Ariadne

Richard and Linda Thompson // I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

Toquiwa // Tokyo Merry-Go-Round

Torpa // Dead Letter Drop

Town Bike // Three Chords Three Notes

Towns // Too Tired

Charles Trenet // Boum

Trunks // Blue Dot

Tullycraft // Lost in Light Rotation

TV Girl // Laura
TV Girl // Pantyhose

Two Men in a Boat // Raindrops and Roadmaps 1 // 2 // 3
Two Wounded Birds // My Lonesome
Two Wounded Birds // Together Forever

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Ultravox // Slow Motion

The Undertones // Oh Please

U2 // 11 O’Clock Tick Tock

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Veronica Falls // Buried Alive
Veronica Falls // Come on Over
Veronica Falls // Found Love in a Graveyard
Veronica Falls // Waiting for Something to Happen

The Verve // A New Decade

The Very Most // Stars and Happiness Forever

Vienna Ditto // Little Fingers
Vienna Ditto // Snowbound

Vivian Girls // I Heard You Say

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Wah! // Seven Minutes to Midnight
Wah! // The Story of the Blues
Wah! // The Wind-Up
Wah! // Why D’you Imitate the Cutout?

The Waterboys // Whole of the Moon [video]

Wave Pictures // Golden Syrup

We Do Kung Fu // Volume

We Start Fires // Magazine

We Were Promised Jetpacks // Disconnecting
We Were Promised Jetpacks // Hard to Remember

Jimmy Webb // By the Time I Get to Phoenix [video]

The Wedding Present // Back a Bit… Stop
The Wedding Present // Back For Good
The Wedding Present // Felicity
The Wedding Present // Kennedy [video]
The Wedding Present // My Favourite Dress
The Wedding Present // My Favourite Dress [video]
The Wedding Present // Three [video]
The Wedding Present // Two Bridges [video]

Wednesday Club // Buckingham Gun

Weezer // Buddy Holly [video]

Florence Welch and Billy Bragg // Fairytale of New York

Paul Weller // I Walk on Gilded Splinters [video]

The Whatevers // Awkward

When Nalda Became Punk // A Farewell to Youth
When Nalda Became Punk // Moderns, You Should Stay Home
When Nalda Became Punk // Satellites
When Nalda Became Punk // Songs of Love
When Nalda Became Punk // Sometimes
When Nalda Became Punk // When It’ll Come

Whirr // Home is Where My Head Is
Whirr // Toss

White Lung // Face Down [video]

The Wilderness Years // It all takes time

The Wind-Up Birds // Escape from New Yorkshire
The Wind-Up Birds // Guy Ritchie
The Wind-Up Birds // No People, Just Cutouts

Stanley Winston // No More Ghettos in America

Wire // Smash

With Hidden Noise // The Absentee

Stevie Wonder // If You Really Love Me

Working Week // Rodrigo Bay
Working Week // Venceremos

OV Wright // Eight men, four women
OV Wright // I Don’t Know Why
OV Wright // Into Something (Can’t Shake Loose)
OV Wright // No Easy Way To Say Goodbye

Robert Wyatt // Shipbuilding [video]

Pete Wylie // Stay Free

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Xmal Deutschland // Qual

XTC // Dear God

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The Yearning // Heart Beats a Little Bit Faster
The Yearning // How Will I Know?

Neil Young // Southern Man

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Zoey van Goey // You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate

Zola Jesus // Night

Tapper Zukie // MPLA



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