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Beat nostalgia

This track has been hanging round my desktop for a while now, evidence of good intentions let down by a lack of

It was from the first of five EPs that Captain Polaroid released in 2010 — via Blogger if I recall — that no longer appear to be available in their original form. Some tracks survive on the artist’s Bandcamp page, but not this one, which seems remiss since it’s the standout song among those five Beat Nostalgia releases.

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Maybe Definitely

OK Maybe OK is the first in a series of new singles from Mega Emotion, ahead of their debut album, tentatively titled Move, Motherfucker.

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Tuż Tuż Tuż

Heard on the Wire has featured songs from many a far field, but this is the first from Poland.

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What your stereo says about you

It’s close on four years since When Nalda Became Punk claimed this blog’s esteemed LP of The Year accolade, so what could be more welcome than the news that the Spanish indiepopsters are on the comeback trail with a new mini-LP.

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London 0 Hull 1


Kingston upon Hull…

…city of culture, home to John Prescott, the Red Guitars, the Housemartins and…

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Hymn on the 45


They cut it fine, but it’s never too late to release a great record. And especially when it’s a record that, head and shoulders above the competition, claims the Heard on the Wire award for single of the year.

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Cherry pie


Joyous, like apples dipped in toffee, this is 2016’s perfect pop tune.

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A star in my own right


Words are often unnecessary.

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How it feels


I love the tags on Bandcamp. If ever anything further muddied the cloudy waters of genre, it is they.

Take, for instance, the Kickstand Band, who describe themselves as “rock garage garage pop indie pop indie rock power pop powerpop surf surf pop Detroit”.

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I’m a 50-year-old man


I’m a fifty year old man
And I like it
I’m a fifty year old man
What’re you gonna do about it?

It’s my birthday and I’ll listen to the Fall if I want to.

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