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A festive fifty — part five

Any self-respecting blog would conclude its annual review within the eponymous time span. I’ve overrun; what with New Year and that small matter of a trip to Bruges, the fifth and final part of my “festive” rundown of 2017’s top 50 tracks has had to wait.

So, and without further idleness, here are the last 10 records, in no particular order save the final — and to my mind surprising — choice, my record of the year.

In the meantime,

Dream Wife // Somebody

The Spook School are preparing a third LP for release in the spring, but took time out to entertain us over the holiday season with this, the second christmas record in the list.

The Spook School // Someone To Spend Christmas With

The world will be a very much poorer place if The Popgunsn don’t go on making records forever in one guise or another.

The Popguns // Sugar Kisses

When I was first contemplating this list, I considered whether to choose tracks from 50 different artists, or to allow multiple entries from the same. But it is mean to be a list of the 50 best tunes, so, with their fifth and final entry…

It’s for Us // Try Again

It’s for Us’s Come With Me was the LP of the year; Peaness can claim the best release on canary-coloured vinyl.

Peaness // Ugly Veg

Thomas Crystal has ll releases on Bandcamp. Aomewhere, buried in them, could be something as beautiful as this. I need to find the time.

Thomas Crystal // What a Time to be Alive

More than three years ago I wondered if there would ever be another Veronica Falls LP. To date there hasn’t been, but we have had three singles from singer Roxann Clifford and this, which echoes Power, Corruption and Lies-era New Order to great effect, is the latest and best.

Patience // White of an Eye

This is the second selection from — and eponymous opener of — Kitty Kat Fan Club’s Work Space Grind single. Its the forty-eighth song in this list and in that context its title seems utterly apt.

Kitty Kat Fan Club // Work Space Grind

It was to have been the forty-ninth, before a little last-minute reshuffling to incorporate this, Records I Like’s track of the year.

Say Sue For Me // Good For Some Reason

A fine choice, but not quite as fine as this. I bought my first Depeche Mode record in 1981. New Life remained the only Depeche Mode record I owned for the next 36 years, until this: magnificent and the Heard on the Wire Best Record of 2017.

Depeche Mode // Where’s the Revolution?

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