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Nouvelle Vague // Athol Brose

Athol Brose

There is something essentially comforting about Nouvelle Vague, and their loungey, bossa nova covers of well-known and some less well-known post-punk tunes.

Back in 2004 they seemed like a novelty that would soon wear off, but, perhaps energised by a surprisingly effervescent live show, they’ve embarked on a career that will soon see them release a fifth LP. The first single from it is a cover of a Cocteau Twins song, from the Scottish band’s 1988 LP, Blue Bell Knoll.

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pacificUV // Alarmist

pacificUV Alarmist

Call it coincidence or call it serendipity, but no sooner had I posted this track on Facebook, than the band tweeted about an imminent return.

hello! sorry we have been away sooo long. but we are hard at work on a ton of new music for 2017. more news to follow soon.

So, no reason to be alarmist. Quite the opposite in fact. Sit back and let this beautiful piece of post rock wash over you.

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Breaking point

Witching Waves Breaking Point

Sometimes you have to face facts.

In this case, it’s the realisation that I can’t sustain this blog in the way that I’d like — the way it’s been written in the last few years. Teaching simply takes up too much of my time.

But I can’t let it go. Despite the paucity of readers and listeners, I still feel that I’m making a contribution whenever I do post. There’s so much really good music out there that deserves a wider audience, however small that may be.

So I need to make it easier and quicker; fewer words in other words.

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