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Love ’em or loathe ’em, there’s no doubt that Coldplay have cast an immense shadow ever since the radio-friendly, Radiohead-light sound of Yellow launched middle-aged angst music into the mainstream.

A generation of white male rockers has tweaked the Chris Martin blueprint to great commercial effect and at times critical acclaim. Perhaps the greatest of these is Elbow, who eclipsed their mentors by claiming the Mercury Music Prize in 2008. Coldplay have been nominated three times for the award that almost serves as a litmus test for “grown-up” music.

It was into this orbit that I am Kloot were dragged when their fifth studio LP, Sky at Night, found itself on the Mercury shortlist. That it was produced by Elbow’s Guy Garvey and Craig Potter was, according to Kloot’s John Bramwell, one reason why critics paid attention to it.

Their Fifth studio LP. It took the critics and cognoscenti that long. This is why I pay no attention to music critics. This is from their second, self-titled long player and recently shuffled on my iPod. It puts anything by those aforementioned acts and their many derivatives in the shade.

I am Kloot // From Your Favourite Sky

And while we’re on the subject.

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