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Nouvelle Vague // Athol Brose

Athol Brose

There is something essentially comforting about Nouvelle Vague, and their loungey, bossa nova covers of well-known and some less well-known post-punk tunes.

Back in 2004 they seemed like a novelty that would soon wear off, but, perhaps energised by a surprisingly effervescent live show, they’ve embarked on a career that will soon see them release a fifth LP. The first single from it is a cover of a Cocteau Twins song, from the Scottish band’s 1988 LP, Blue Bell Knoll.

I occasionally feel slightly disrespectful for preferring Nouvelle Vague’s version of a track to the original (the Cramps’ Human Fly, for instance). I feel slightly disrespectful now.

Nouvelle Vague // Athol Brose

And in the interests of balance.

Cocteau Twins // Athol Brose

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One Response

  1. John says:

    I’m with you. Given my love of the shoegaze thing, you’d think I’d be a massive fan of the Cocteau Twins, but I’ve never really warmed to them. This cover is lovely – taking the dreaminess and doing something interesting with it.

    Glad to have the blog back btw…



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