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I procrastinate, deliberate


I procrastinate because for the first time 11 months I can, the school year having ended. This gives me time to deliberate on the contents of this, the latest Heard on the Wire selection. And such procrastination and deliberation has yielded a bumper, multinational selection of tunes for your delectation.

We start with West London’s Colour Me Wednesday, who like feminism, veganism, anti-capitalism, beating SAD, being queer, and catchy tunes and who make political pop punk for punks who love pop. It’s truly a recipe for success, albeit one that could do with a little bacon.

Colour Me Wednesday // Don’t Tell Anyone

In just 12 months, Witching Waves have gone from concrete-inspired obscurity to the heady heights of the Indietracks festival. I feel vindicated.

Witching Waves // Twister

They’ve also moved from posting their music on Bandcamp to putting the odd track on SoundCloud; presumably that’s all the label will allow. Aspiring artists, you’ll know you’ve arrived when this happens.

Her Magic Wand are — is — Charles Braud, resident of Paris and purveyor of lovely pop tunes that are all available, as things stand, on Bandcamp. Success awaits.

Her Magic Wand

By this stage, no-one’s listening any more. They’re all out Pokemon hunting. Unless they’re reading and listening in Brazil where, to the apparent dismay of Olympic athletes, the “game” has yet to be released. Which is as nebulous a segue as I could come up with.

The Blog that Celebrates Itself is a São Paolo-based blog (obviously) that (obviously) celebrates the [scene that celebrates itself[(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scene_That_Celebrates_Itself). It does this in part by releasing “tribute” compilations of varying quality, but varying enough to provide the occasional moment of quality.

This comes from a highly listenable collection of House of Love tunes. That it was recorded by a band from Brooklyn only adds to its allure.

Exiles // Love in a Car

Less consistently listenable, but worth a listen nonetheless, is the same blog’s collection of New Order covers. I know nothing about Pure, save that they’ve managed to make a decent fist of what is otherwise the dismal title track of New Order’s largely nondescript eighth LP. Perhaps the key to their huge improvement on the original was moving the apostrophe.

Pure // Waiting for the Siren’s Call

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