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A year ago I bought a CD. It was an accident and I’m not quite sure how it happened.

I thought I’d bought a download, but a week later a CD turned up, from Pittsburgh, PA, bearing the three songs that make up the most recent single from City Steps.

I’ve never played the CD. I don’t have a CD player. But thankfully, having purchased it through Bandcamp, I was entitled to the download I’d initially sought.

So, from Pittsburgh, PA, sounding a little like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart,…

City Steps // Procrastination Game

So that’s my CD buying over. Forever. Give me bits and bytes on a hard drive any day and, finances permitting, the occasional slice of vinyl plastic.

No plastic at all for this release. Still Corners are Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray from London, who’ve been recording their electro-pop since 2008. This record has the lightest of touches and will take you wherever you want it to.

Still Corners // Horses at Night

Continuing the proud, albeit intermittent, tradition of German bands making their mark on this blog, Dress were a shortlived fourpiece that contributed a couple of EPs and one fine single before succumbing to “various reasons” and announcing an indefinite hiatus (which, if nothing else, demonstrated an impressive English vocabulary).

Dress // Run

From Germany to New Zealand and the return of Auckland’s Fazerdaze. Their debut, self-titled EP made everyone (well, not everyone) sit up and take notice. This 2015 single only confirms their talent. More please — and soon.

Fazerdaze // Little Uneasy

We started in the US and there we shall finish, with the latest, 2015 offering from Denver’s Kissing Party, one which only serves to make us hungrier for a follow-up to their excellent debut LP, Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Suffocating.

Kissing Party // Reckless Road

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