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The world is filled with silly love songs


Mooted themes for this post included, places I have lived, the reasons we like the music we do (and don’t like the rest), the nature of change and the futility of staring at a blank document and hoping for inspiration.

Whereas the theme should really be, here are some records I’ve listened to over the past few months that I’ve liked a lot. Plus none that I haven’t. Which, in the light of the nature of this blog, is about as relevant as it’s possible to be.

So let’s start by going back a year-or-so to the release of the third Leftfield LP, some 20 years after the second. I’ve mentioned Alternative Light Source before, but subsequent listenings altered my perception. Much as I like the shampoo-inspired contribution by Sleaford Mods, this just beats it to the coveted accolade of Heard on the Wire’s favourite track.

Leftfield & Tunde Adebimpe // Bad Radio

There’s often no better way to dismiss something as unimportant or insignificant than by labelling it as such. “Twee pop” is a case in point.

The word, Wiktionary records, was taken from a childish pronunciation of sweet, and suggests From a childish pronunciation of sweet, suggesting something overly quaint, dainty, cute or nice [my emphasis].

Cozy Catastrophes may well be as good an example of “twee” as you can find, but there’s nothing quaint or dainty about this. In fact the only two words needed to describe this track are perfectly and lovely.

Cozy Catastrophes // Yours sincerely

I have a like–not-bothered relationship with Manhattan Love Suicides. This is definitely on the like side, edging towards love.

Manhattan Love Suicides // The Blood Club

That track comes from a free Odd Box Records compilation, well worth downloading, that also includes these two very different tracks. This is from T-Shirt Weather, the second-best band in Durham.

T-Shirt Weather // Flutter Through the Winter

This last song first appeared on the Two White Cranes’ LP, Radisson Blue. Contrary to indications, there is just one white crane and she isn’t a crane at all, merely (!) a singer-songwriter who wants to sound like Sheryl Crow. Thankfully, she doesn’t.

Two White Cranes // Adler

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