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Such a tender game?


Five years ago I was an out-of-work journalist, with little ambition in that industry and no idea of what I was going to do next.

A lot of water has flowed under many bridges since then: a change of career, a change of country and a change of life, all of which have made me deeply and fundamentally happy in a way I had never imagined. It’s never too late, kids.

I’ve learnt to open my mind, once more, to possibility.

That said, this blog has always been about the possible rather than the probable. It’s possible that the records I love will get the attention they deserve; it’s highly unlikely.

Today’s (this week’s, this month’s…) selection pulls together four tunes that have made their all-too-slight mark during the past couple of years. The first is a 2014 single by a band whose name is then from from The Cure’s description of Paul Morley during a John Peel session, but which pretty much sums up where I was — five years ago. And this is the kind of record I love.

Desperate Journalist // Happening

Owl & Mouse released their debut long player in 2015 and while there is only so much ukulele I can take, I won’t let that detract from what is a very lovely record. The stand-out number could have been the title track, Departures, but it’s eclipsed by this. That it sounds not dissimilar to Allo Darlin’ is to be expected. Owl and Mouse were formed by sisters Hannah and Jen Botting, whose brother Bill is Allo Darlin’s bass player.

Owl & Mouse // Basic Economics

This record reminds me of people who try to look clever by pronouncing picturesque as “picture-skew”. Ann Widdecombe, I’m looking at you, you evil Tory piece of…

Holy Esque // Sovereign

According to Wikipedia, Sabatini is a surname that may specifically refer to 11 different people or places in Italy and Spain. No mention of this track from the long-awaited second LP by a Bristol-based music collective based loosely around brothers Jonathan and Matt Troy.

The Hi-Life Companion // Sabatini

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