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I feel this burning flame


The boiler’s on the blink. My fingers are cold and all I can think about is heat.

There’s a stew in the oven — beef skirt with Guinness — and wine in my glass but all I can think about is heat.

New Order are not known for their covers. As far as I know their are just two official recordings of other people’s songs: a version of the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray that appeared on a BBC release of their 1987 Glastonbury set and an earlier take on an obscure reggae song.

The Velvet Underground cover was perhaps unsurprising, since three of the band had already included an earlier live version on Joy Division’s posthumous Still LP. But the Keith Hudson track remains a true curiosity. Joy Division singer Ian Curtis was a fan of the Jamaican artist who was a significant influence on the development of dub reggae in the late 70s. And he was called Keith. This song appeared on his 1975 LP, _Torch of Freedom. The New Order version was recorded for 1982 Peel session.

New Order // Turn the Heater On

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I feel slightly warmer (though sadly it’s not had the same effect on SuziRovers). This might help. It’s from Moving Away, the latest release from Colorado’s Gleemer.

Gleemer // Heater

That’s cranked the thermostat up a little more. What’s needed now is some surf guitar from the man who invented surf guitar.

Dick Dale // Shredded Heat

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The stew needs dumplings. We need something noisier.

The Manhattan Love Suicides // Heat and Panic

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Damn it. Just turn the heater on, this is becoming depressing.

Blank Dogs // Heat and Depression

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What we need is a heat wave.

The Jam // Heat Wave

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