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If anything encapsulates just how much my life has changed since I became a teacher, it’s quite how I managed to go a whole year without hearing the latest single by Mega Emotion. Such things so easily pass me by these days.

Norwich’s synth-pop (with a difference) trio first made these pages two-and-a-half years ago, with their debut single, Brains, though their esoteric sounds were already quite familiar to regular readers.

Had this been release in 1982 it could have been a massive hit, which is kind of depressing.

Mega Emotion // Uncomfortable

Dandelion Radio listeners placed Uncomfortable at number 15 in the “official” Festive Fifty. We’re still awaiting the results of the unofficial poll.

The annual countdown of the year’s top tunes was of course the coda to John Peel’s year and continues to serve as a handy catch-up list for records missed (witness Mega Emotion). But for the purposes of this blog, it will serve as a quick checklist of records that should have been mentioned on these pages, had I not been preoccupied with lesson planning and marking.

Take this from Sauna Youth, whom I first encountered on All Shook Up, a short-lived TV show presented by ex-Fall member Mark “Lard” Riley.

Sauna Youth // Transmitters

Or this, a wonderful tribute to Anthony Wilson, without whom we might never have heard of Joy Division. And without them, this blog probably wouldn’t exist.

Mike Garry & Joe Duddell // St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson


Other top-tenders include the Fall, Public Service Broadcasting and Belle and Sebastian, deserved staples all of any account of all that’s best in the contemporary music scene.

Also present, but in a wholly unexpected guise, are Half Man Half Biscuit. I Hate Nerys Hughes is a crowd-pleasing track from their 1986 debut, Back in the DHSS. This track gives it an entirely new but utterly welcome new lease of life. From the heart.

The Invisibles // I Hate David Cameron (from the heart)

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