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I feel this burning flame


The boiler’s on the blink. My fingers are cold and all I can think about is heat.

There’s a stew in the oven — beef skirt with Guinness — and wine in my glass but all I can think about is heat.

New Order are not known for their covers. As far as I know their are just two official recordings of other people’s songs: a version of the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray that appeared on a BBC release of their 1987 Glastonbury set and an earlier take on an obscure reggae song.

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The car is the killer


If anything encapsulates just how much my life has changed since I became a teacher, it’s quite how I managed to go a whole year without hearing the latest single by Mega Emotion. Such things so easily pass me by these days.

Norwich’s synth-pop (with a difference) trio first made these pages two-and-a-half years ago, with their debut single, Brains, though their esoteric sounds were already quite familiar to regular readers.

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How bad are English musicians?

Wasting_away_and_wonderingWhat better way could there be to celebrate St Valentine’s Day than with a trip to a Sunderland record shop to see The School.

The Cardiff band has inherited the title of the world’s finest Dusty-tinged soul pop band from Lucky Soul and they cemented their claim with their third LP, Wasting Away and Wondering.

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Up, down, turnaround


Last week’s reactivation of this blog was a familiar affair, featuring perennial Heard on the Wire favourites.It also served as an introduction to this week’s post, with the Joy Division’s Transmission leading nicely into the latest work by two of the three surviving members of the band.

New Order released their ninth studio LP in 2015. It was their first without the defining sound of Peter Hook’s bass playing, Years of tensions between him and singer–guitarist–songwriter Bernard Sumner having finally taken their toll.

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Down beside the lake


It has been said that if something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly.

So if you’re going to attempt to reinvigorate a once-again dormant blog, what better way could there be than with a song by the greatest band that ever existed.

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