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Great like expectations

Frankie Machine

“Looking back it was romantic but at the time I was suffering” sounds like the opening line from a novel, not the title of a charming debut LP from Denver, Colorado.

The Kissing Party are five men and women with guitars and tunes, which in this part of the world counts for a lot. As, on occasion, does brevity.

The Kissing Party // The Swimming Pool

September Girls are also a five-piece with guitars, but this is an all-female quintet from Dublin, County Dublin. Veneer was their 2014 EP and this is the standout track.

September Girls // Melatonin

St Helens has given us Johnny Vegas, Bernie Clifton, rugby league and the Bordellos. If you don’t love rock ’n’ roll, you don’t love life.

The Bordellos // The Gospel according to Julian Cope

“It’s a lot of work being me,” is the opening line from a novel, Don Winslow’s The Winter of Frankie Machine, a 21st-century western featuring an ex-mafia hitman whose past catches up with him. While lacking in any particular originality, it’s an entertaining enough read, perfect beach fodder. Alternatively it’s the character played by Frank Sinatra in the 1955 film, The Man with the Golden Arm. Now there’s a movie poster.

Quite what either has to do with this record, I have no idea. This one’s for Suzi.

Frankie Machine // How Great Thou Art

Incidentally, Winslow’s previous novel, The Power Of The Dog, is an outstanding read.

And did someone mention Frank?

Frank Sinatra // Angel Eyes // iTunes

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