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Something’s come along and it’s burst our bubble

NorthumberlandIt’s been a while since I mentioned that I would be taking some time out from this blog as I embarked on a new career in teaching.

That career—well, the training part—has begun and as I expected it leaves no time for musical frivolities. And so it is with some sadness but great expectations that I must bring this chapter to a close.

That’s not the same as bringing the blog to a close.Think of it as bubble-wrapped, stored safely and securely so that we may take it out, polish and augment it sometime in the future.

It’s been fun to write, amusing to know that I’ve had a regular reader in Brazil and occasionally rewarding. Rewarding when a reader says how much they like a record you’ve posted and especially rewarding when an artists has thanked me or retweeted me after I’ve posted one of their songs.

But my favourite moment was this comment.

Nice. My brother wrote this song.

Can’t believe this is being blogged about over 5 years later.

Can you send us the mp3 please? We don’t actually have a copy any more.

I did and asked whether the brother in question was still recording. I haven’t received an answer. The song, by the way, makes me happier than ever.

Au revoir

I wanted to finish this chapter in the blog’s history with something unusual—I mean really unusual.

You may remember this, which was all the rage on the internet a few months ago.

Dolly Parton :: Jolene [the 33rpm version]

For reasons that are a mystery to me, I own a copy of the biggest hit single from south-east London duo, Shampoo. Maybe it was the pink vinyl; the record is, as Mark and Lard would have said, bobbins.

But mistakenly play it at the wrong speed and… well, judge for yourselves. Goodbye for now and thanks for listening.

Shampoo :: Trouble [the 33rpm version] ⬇ [free]

Audio MP3


Photo: Echo; some rights reserved.

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2 Responses

  1. gotimmy says:

    I will be sad to see the back of your music blog. Whilst I can’t claim to have read every single entry, I’ve read a lot and heard a lot of things I’d never heard before and loved, (and plenty that I’d heard before and not liked then). But it was always an interesting read, so it will be missed.

    As far as the Shampoo slow-down goes, it sounds to me like a couple of Sarf London geezahs practicing rapping over an old Tone-Loc backing track.



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