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Why d’you feel the need to rant and rave?

Polish postage stamps

Dear John Peel,

Nothing pleases me more, really, than to get a letter from a real fan and here’s—it would be embarrassing to him to give his full name—but Anthony of Finchley.

And he says, “For me, your programme achieves the dubious accolade of being just about the worst music programme I’ve ever heard. What a horrible, brain-jarring, nerve-rending load of pish. Is this the cream of the crop? Is this the best there is? Have you ever heard of the term ‘beauty’ or how about ‘joyfull’ or try ‘uplifting’? An awful, awful programme.”

And I was able to send the letter back to him with just the words, “Only one L in joyful.”

Rather childish, but fantastically satisfying.

I’m sure Anthony in Finchley would love this.

The Fall :: Dr Buck’s Letter ⬇ [iTunes]

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That’s one of 20 songs in my iTunes collection with the word “letter” in the title. There are none with the word “email”. Make of that what you will while you listen to this soothing electropop cover of an Arthur Russell song.

The Burning Hearts :: Letter

The art of letter writing may be remembered in song, but it’s an art most of us have lost, if we ever had it. But in this age of digital surveillance and ever increasing erosion of privacy, it may be time to return to the pen and paper.

Brothers Stephen and Peter Dandy from Chester make music that they variously describe as electronica, psychedelic, ambient, dub, techno, glitch, krautrock, post-rock, post-punk, nu-gaze and synthesiser. It’s a musical mouthful that amounts to a substantial collection of recordings, all of which you can download for free.

Torpa :: Dead Letter Drop

To date, Two songs about Belgium is this blog’s most popular post; it’s title is a common search query. So in an act of shameless link baiting, here’s another track from the Mountain Goats’ 2004 LP, We Shall All Be Healed.

Martin calls to say he’s sending old electrical equipment.
That’s good, we can always use some more electrical equipment.

The Mountain Goats :: Letter from Belgium ⬇ [iTunes]

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Colin Ward is from Bloomington, Minnesota, has red hair and likes Indian food. He also writes letters to himself.

Observer Drift :: Letters to Myself

Which is nowhere near as disturbing as the people who write letters to local newspapers.

Thank you to whoever found my purse
Also when I fell, the passing nurse
And when in my coma
As I tried to bludgeon
Chartist demonstrators in the square
Those on the ward
Yours, much restored

Half Man Half Biscuit :: Letters Sent ⬇ [iTunes]

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Photo: Extract from Polish Stamps of 1963.

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