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There are worse ways of spending a Saturday than drinking beer in the sun with best friends. Especially when that takes place at a free music festival taking place in some of Newcastle’s best pubs, culminating in an underneath-the-arches performance by Martha.

Durham’s finest’s new LP, Counting Strong, is unquestionably one of the year’s best records and just happens to contain the track top of my Sisyphean list of songs that need to be blogged sometime soon.

So, in an attempt to at least push the boulder close to the top of the mountain, this is indeed Martha.

This statement might sound phoney
But I miss you and I’m lonely
Distance stretches on and on and on
Although it gets frustrating
I really don’t mind waiting
Distance stretches on and on and on.

Martha :: 1967, I Miss You I’m Lonely

Leeds is unquestionably the centre of the UK “alternative” music scene right now and no band exemplifies that more than the Wind-Up Birds, whose fourth long-player is full of great tunes and lyrical invention.

I tried dressing smart
Like Guy Ritchie
It didn’t help me, it didn’t help me.

The Wind-Up Birds :: Guy Ritchie

Their from London rather than Leeds, but Veronica Falls made a big impression in these parts with their 2013 LP, Waiting for Something to Happen. This track, however, comes from their self-titled 2011 debut, a party to which I was very, but ever so fashionably, late.

Veronica Falls :: Found Love in a Graveyard

From late to early and a lovely track from the never-less-than-essential Burning World blog. It’s one of four songs on Somewhere to Go, an EP that will be released on 23 June.

Owl and Mouse :: Don’t Read the Classics

Like the aforementioned Veronica Falls, the Capsules are a big favourite of this blog and this is another track from their excellent latest LP, The Long Goodbye.

The Capsules :: Hollywood ⬇ [iTunes]

Audio MP3


And talking, as we were, of tardy arrivals and long goodbyes, I’m currently enjoying a first foray into the fuzzy world of Felt. I heard a couple of tracks in the 80s, but they left little in the way of positive impression. However a friend prompted me to listen again and I’m glad he did. This is from a six-track LP, the Splendour of Fear, released in 1984 and it’s worth eight and a half minutes of anyone’s time. Splendour indeed.

Felt :: The Stagnant Pool ⬇ [iTunes]

Audio MP3

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