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Metal music, in all its multifarious incarnations, is a strange beast, lurching from the unlistenable to the uninhabitable, from the incoherent to the, well, even more incoherent.

And it’s not something that bothers me too often; there’s only so much a tattoo-free, short-haired, undenimmed 40–something-year-old man can listen to. Then something like this comes along.

NARC Magazine—“the North East’s premier monthly alternative music and culture magazine”—releases regular compilations of the best of the region’s music and the latest is a wonderful pot pourri that should have something for even the most blinkered of music fans.

But the standout track is the metal roar of Newcastle’s Arcite. This track was tagged as “alternative experimental folk metal pop rock”. That doesn’t even come close.

Arcite :: The Escape Key

LA’s TV Girl are about to make their second appearance on this blog, for which they receive nothing but acclaim and a reminder that, while you can download French Exit, their latest LP, for free, it might be nice to proffer a penny or two for what is a delightful 41 minutes of aural massage.

TV Girl :: Pantyhose

There was a time when Can You Smell that Burning Noise? would have been a floor-filler in the nation’s alternative dance halls. When there was neither shame nor paradox in welding strident post-punk guitars to an insistent solid rhythm and allowing some dour northerner to ruminate obtusely on personal troubles and public issues, whilst the air hung rife with the heady whiff of insurrection. And it was fun, believe it or not.

But it’s 2014. A lot has changed.
Ah, well. Shit happens.
The resistance has to start somewhere.

Flies on You :: Can You Smell that Burning Noise?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the excellent EardrumsPop record label—and with good reason. They’ve been putting together not one but three compilations of collaborations featuring a plethora of plectrum pickers with impeccable indiepop credentials. All three collections are free—what are you waiting for?

Ivor MacGyver :: Saliva

And finally, apropos of nothing, a track from the debut release by Lardpony. The Derby foursome released This is Lardcore in 2006 and in all likelihood it would have faded into obscurity but for two things: it’s bloody good and lard is fashionable once more, as indeed it should be.

Lardpony :: My Portable Friend

Photo: Pronit Records’ generic sleeve.

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