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No more ground boutique at match in Chelsea


It happens occasionally, that a song is so good I simply have to play it twice. Often, as was the recent case with Cinerama’s King’s Cross, because the song perfectly fits the day’s theme, and sometimes because the random shuffling of an iPod gives me no choice.

The Fall have released at least four versions of the tune many know better as the music that accompanies (or accompanied—it’s been a while) Saturday’s football results on the BBC. The first version appeared on the band’s twenty-fourth studio LP, The Real New Fall LP Formerly ‘Country On The Click”, released in 2003. The band later reprised it for a John Peel session, before releasing a third recording that was one of my two 2004 choices for “a song from each year of my life”. A fourth turned up Interim, on a compilation of previously unreleased Fall material.

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All I need is a pint a day


It’s always nice when a band arrives to give this website an international flavour. Such is the anglo-centric nature of the rock ’n’ pop universe that any English-language music blog is likely to lean heavily towards music from the two homes of modern popular music, the USA and the UK.

This blog being somewhat inclined to pop music of the jangly guitar variety, Sweden is also well represented (Abba might even have been mentioned at one stage!), but I’ve also featured estimable contributions from Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines and Spain.¹

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Blame it on the trains


I’ve recently spent a lot of time on the train, gently speeding between London and Newcastle, a journey that leaves much time for reflection upon the state of the nation’s railways.

I’ve taken to travelling the longer route, via Metro to Sunderland and then on Grand Central trains along the beautiful Durham coast to Hartlepool, thence inland to York and the south. It adds to the journey time but puts a lot less strain on already strained pockets. I am lucky; I can travel during the week on the one return service that gets me to the capital and back for little over £50, I’ve got a table seat with a power socket and there’s bottled pale ale for sale in the buffet car.

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