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Discovering a new artist can be a double-edged sword. I don’t mean new as in just-one-single-on-an-obscure-label new; that’s a simply pursued pleasure. I mean new as in late-to-the-party new, with a back catalogue the size of Belgium¹.

Take the Juan MacLean, nomme de guerre of American musician John MacLean. The hardcore-guitarist-turned-electro-whizz has been pseudonymously recording for more than a decade; he could have been whistling to pandas at the North Pole for all I knew.

Now that I do know, the temptation to trawl through more than a decade of recording is beyond strong, but it’s a temptation that could prove frightfully, prohibitively and disappointingly expensive.

So while that remains the case, I shall have to satisfy myself with this delicious slice of joyful electro pop that, unedited, clocks in at 7′22″ of irresistible toe tapping. I might even dance.

The Juan MacLean :: Get Down (With my Love) [radio edit]

This could well be a first for this blog, a record that was a huge international hit, including stints at number one in the UK and in Belgium.

And Belgium is where I heard it. Last November, as I drove a van around Brussels, this was the steering-wheel-tapping, head-nodding sound of Pure FM.

Martin Garrix :: Animals

In my physically inelegant case, dancing should generally be avoided. This was an underground dance hit in 1982 for a Milan-based duo, at which time the thought of dancing to anything filled me with dread.

Indie disco fans will recognise this.

Klein & MBO :: Dirty Talk

Audio MP3


Yes, that was the riff copied just a year later on Blue Monday, something that its writer Bernard Sumner acknowledged in a recent but sadly no longer available documentary about the seminal New Order single. Now that’s a song you have to dance to.

She makes my heart beat the same way
As at the start of Blue Monday,
Always the last song that they play
At the indie disco….

The Divine Comedy :: At the Indie Disco

¹ Wales, Belgium and other units of measurement

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