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It takes some band to release an EP that manages to reference Led Zeppelin, Margaret Thatcher, social security hot water allowances, Billy Graham and a brief moment of classical music that I can’t quite place.

That band was the Larks, a London-based, ska-influenced collective that, based on the evidence of one of the most ebullient live performances I’ve ever seen, comprised around a dozen musicians, many toting shiny brass.

And that’s about all I can tell you. They’ve left little evidence of their existence, no iTunes release, no Spotify, not even a nostalgic blog post, well not until now.

All that I have to remind me is that single, 12-inch EP, Pain in the Neck, a joyous, rumbustious romp through the 80s. It starts with the title track, a pæan to frustration that itself opens with that familiar but elusive classical snippet.

Audio MP3

Talking of pæans, track two opens with the riff, if that’s the right word, from a popular hymn, Thine be the glory…, before insisting, however ironically, that evangelical superstar Billy Graham’s Going to Heaven. Graham made headlines in 1984 when he led an evangelical rally at Queen’s Park Rangers’ Loftus Road football ground. Unlike attendee Cliff Richard, the Larks don’t appear to have been impressed.

Bring your doubts to kindle fires
Bring your money to QPR

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The third song, I am a Clean Boy, is a jaunty ditty about the paucity of bathing opportunities for the 80s unemployed.

Audio MP3

And finally, channelling Led Zeppelin, a song that sums up the 80s as well as any as we approach the thirtieth annersary of the year that she unleashed the full power of the state to crush the last resistance to her wanton destruction of British working class community.

Audio MP3

⬇ [free] The Larks :: Pain in the Neck [ep]

And that, as far as I can tell, was that, save for what appears to be an Australian six-track release, which includes three lesser tracks that aren’t on Pain in the Neck. You can download it from the Tone and Wave blog.

And the Larks, you say, weren’t they the band that made this record in 1954? Indeed they were.

The Larks :: Forget It

Photo: Diletant.


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