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We’re scarcely four weeks into 2014 and I’ve already fallen in love with the debut LP from an all-female guitar pop outfit; plus ça change.

The September Girls are five women from Dublin who make the kind of music that should embarrass Louis Walsh into a public apology for all the wrongs he has visited on the reputation of Irish music.

There are moments on Cursing the Sea that are pure pop perfection, perhaps not enough to make it a great record but enough to justify its presence on the most discerning of sock-inspired music blogs.

Echoes of Elastica here, but without the knowing musical references. And it’s all the more enjoyable for it.

September Girls :: Talking

Across the Irish Sea, five 21-year old men influenced by “that unmistakeable Liverpool sound” of the 1950s and 60s make music that’s good enough to have caught the ear of the queen of country, Laura Cantrell.

This is from The Hummingbirds’ self-titled “EP”. The pedant in me cannot resist pointing out that as it has five tracks it’s too long to be an EP as defined by the UK’s Official Charts Company, though I guess this record is far too good to ever trouble their bean counters.

The Hummingbirds :: Talking of Tomorrow

Talking of tomorrow, here’s another track from, Tooth & Nail, last year’s Billy Bragg LP, which just grows and grows on me.

Billy Bragg :: Tomorrow’s Going to Be a Better Day ⬇ [iTunes]

Audio MP3


And this is what happens when an experimental “music collective” takes on the Beatles at their most experimental. Guitars were never more shimmery.

Secret Colours :: Tomorrow Never Knows

Though tomorrow should have been all too predictable for Elastica in 1995, involving, as it did, a call from lawyers for the Stranglers.

Elastica :: Waking Up

Photo: Talking; some rights reserved

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