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If you’re going to ape a musical style of yesteryear, at least do it well. So John Peel remarked in defence of New Zealand rockers, The Datsuns, but it may equally apply to Summer Twins, whose affection for the music of the ’50s and ’60s shines through their latest EP, Forget Me.

Sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown write and record what they describe as dream pop and rock ’n’ roll songs with a touch of California sun. There isn’t much of that around at the moment, which makes this music all the more precious.

The sisters first warmed hearts with their 2012 self-titled debut LP. Forget Me is a five-track condensation of sunshine that includes this gem.

Summer Twins :: I’m no Good

The record closes with what, in an otherwise unexciting year for cover versions, may well be my favourite. Wiser and more eloquent heads than mine have paid tributes to the recently deceased Phil Everly, for whom this song was a UK number one in 1958, but none sounded this lovely.

Summer Twins :: All I Have To Do Is Dream

Summer Twins were one of a handful of American female duos who captured musical hearts in 2013. Dog Party delighted with their debut, while Bleached’s Ride Your Heart is one of the smithsock LP’s of the year.

Bleached :: Ride Your Heart

Audio MP3

But fantastic as these bands are, it was a female-fronted trio that made the smithsocks’ favourite LP of 2013. It’s spanish, it’s full of guitars, it’s fantastic.

When Nalda Became Punk :: A Farewell to Youth

I never really understood Peel’s affection for The Datsuns, but you can see his point. As I’ve said before, there’s no great virtue in originality.

The Datsuns :: Blacken My Thumb

Photo: Datsun Laurel

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