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Push the Sky Away

There was scarcely a “serious” newspaper critic, rock blog or adult music magazine that failed to include Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Push the Sky Away amongst their top LPs of 2013. But don’t let that put you off.

It’s a wonderful record, whose standout track is the previously honoured Higgs Boson Blues, but it is its title track that truly comes to life on the live LP released towards the end of the year.

Live From KCRW was recorded in May at the Los Angeles radio station that gives the record its name and Cave explains the reasons for releasing it as an LP.

And when I finally draw a line under 2013, I think I’ll look back on this as the year’s most perfect musical moment.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :: Push the Sky Away

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Cave is well into his fifth decade as a recording artist and still making records that should shame most of his contemporaries. Remarkably, Mark E Smith has managed a similar longevity and— I know what you’re thinking—I haven’t yet mentioned the latest record from his mighty Fall, a full month since its release. Well think no more.

The Fall :: Remainderer

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Have you ever wanted to know how all Nick Cave’s LPs, from his days in the Boys Next Door, through The Birthday Party, Bad Seeds and Grinderman, compare? Well, wonder no more, Stereogum has ranked them all from the worst, the aforementioned Boys Next Door’s self-titled offering to the best, which, I was pleasantly surprised to see, was the 1994 Bad Seeds record, Let Love In. I agree as I’ve mentioned before. It’s also the LP that provides a song my mischievous side wants played at my funeral as well as this, a weaterh forecast you can feel as it creeps up your spine.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :: Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore

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And if I ever open a pub, it will be called the Thirsty Dog, dedicated to all those feeling thirsty and sorry. And like the magnificent Brandling Villa, my new local, dogs will be very welcome.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :: Thirsty Dog

There is a theory that the first Fall LP you hear will forever remain your favourite. If this is true, then be sure to ensure that the first Fall LP you listen to isn’t Levitate.

In my case it certainly is true. And it’s not Levitate.

The Fall :: Gut of the Quantifier

This nations’s saving grace indeed.

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