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Play some punk rock songs as Santa passes by

Bauble tree

Marrs’ 1987 number one smash hasn’t exactly sprung to mind when I’ve thought of Christmas records, but it will now, thanks to the enduring pop genius of perennial smithsock favourite Helen Love.

Helen is no stranger to seasonal songs, having graced the festive airwaves on several occasions, and this year is no exception. Marrs, on the other hand, was a one-off collaboration that produced its seminal chart topper in the distinctly non-festive month of October.

While Marrs sampled tedious pop Svengali Pete Waterman, Love draws on fellow Walian Tom Jones, A departing Thatcher and James Stewart’s Wonderful Life as she urges us to pump up the volume and celebrate the assumed birth date of a figure from biblical legend.

Helen Love :: Hark the Herald Angels

The Very Most send their season’s greetings from Boise, Idaho. If it’s anywhere near as much fun as this record, save me a space next year.

The Very Most :: Stars and Happiness Forever

And how about a little tactful dishonesty till January?

Tellison :: Snow (Don’t tell the truth this Christmas)

And what could be more perfect at this time of the year than the first new Ballboy record in far-too-long a time? Merry Christmas, indeed, to the drunken lovers.

Ballboy :: Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers

To those who bah and humbug, who lament the passing of Christmasses past, who insist on being miserable as if there weren’t misery enough in the world, to those I join with this writer in singing this, probably the all-time greatest Christmas record of all time.

Half Man Half Biscuit :: It’s Cliched to Be Cynical at Christmas

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Photo: Bauble tree; some rights reserved

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