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The blog has emerged, blinking, yawning and stretching its arms after another of its all-too-frequent but in-this-case-unavoidable hiatuses. An aestivation enforced by relocation, by the clearing out the accumulated detritus of everyday life and, worst of all, by being without a Mac for three weeks demands a blog post of exceptional clarity and conviction.

If this were an everyday—as opposed to randomly intermittent—music blog, clarity and conviction would manifest themselves in lists of the best records of a year that hasn’t yet finished. Go elsewhere for such assumption.

I’m giving you a list of videos that I’ve enjoyed and that I hope you will too.

Al Green is arguably the all-time greatest soul singer of all time, born with a voice that in less enlightened time we’d have attributed to angels. And nowhere does it it sound better than in this clip of him singing perhaps his finest song.

Al Green :: Simply Beautiful

They come from Norwich, there are three of them and they made one of the debut records of 2013. I predict great things from this band who may or may not have had an illustrious past. All will one day be revealed.

Mega Emotion :: Brains

If one record reminds me of my Mum, it’s this. An abject example of how to rip up a great song and put the pieces together to make something even more wonderful.

Shonen Knife :: Top of the World

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds made one of the records of the year and now they’ve made an video to accompany it. the best track of 2013? Very possibly (see above).

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :: Higgs Boson Blues

And for something quite different, from the 1969 film, Sweet Charity, a brilliant arrangement of a song normally associated with the more rumbustious Shirley Bassey, set to choreography by the peerless Bob Fosse.

Cast of Sweet Charity :: Big Spender

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