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Writing an intermittent and widely unread blog on the extreme margins of the musical landscape is a labour of love, so it’s always exciting when I find myself being followed by a genuine rock ’n’ roll artist, especially when it’s one I haven’t mentioned.

It’s certainly a pleasant change from those artists too rude eve to acknowledge that I’ve given their record the smithsockseal of approval.

In a number of cases there’s a good reason why the act hasn’t been mentioned, but when Latimer House’s name appeared on my list of followers I discovered I’d missed a trick. This is indeed pop.

Latimer House :: This Is Pop

I hoped that by following lots of bands on Twitter I’d not only find out about their new releases—which I do—but also about other bands of a similar heft or hue. By and large that hasn’t been the case, but Latimer House have proved to be an exception, having recommended an LP of instrumental guitar dexterity that is nowhere near as awful as that description sounds. And I hope the band’s name is as ironic as the title of this track is amusing.

Axes :: Fleetwood Math

Axes are variously from Essex, Scotland, Iran and Denmark. Electrelane were formed in Brighton and shared Axes’ love for experimentation and surprise. And coincidentally they made an LP called Axes, their penultimate recording before their premature hiatus. This is magnificent.

Electrelane :: Suitcase

Audio MP3

Standard Fare were a three-piece based in Sheffield comprising Emma Kupa, Danny How and Andy Beswick and named after a sign Emma saw on a bus in Newcastle. They called time on their eight-year career early in 2013. Again the word premature springs to mind.

Standard Fare :: Suitcase

Photo: Suitcase by Lasse Christensen; some rights reserved

Twitter: Latimer House

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