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Alleyway Love

You may think that this blog is dashed off in the few minutes that I have between lessons and listening—and you’d be right. But occasionally there is a little research beforehand, which naturally amounts to sticking a band’s name into Google or Wikipedia.

This would, of course, be the height of laziness were I writing about the likes of New Order, but utterly necessary when attempting to string together a few words about the Adelines, for example.

Google reveals that the former BBC Radio Wales’ Welsh Artist of the Week are a guitar-driven quartet whose sunshine-drenched songs paint an intimate portrait of coming of age and late night dalliances, combining pop choruses with resonant wall-of-sound guitars and bittersweet lyrics that walk a tightrope between naiveté and spirited frankness.

Meanwhile Wikipedia’s list of notable Adelines is notable for the complete absence of anyone remotely recognisable to a smithsocked blogger. Which is both a said reflection on me and makes the Swansea band of that name its most famous bearer. Favourable comparisons have been made to The Vaccines, but really, they’re not that bad.

The Adelines :: Alleyways

Zola Jesus is the nom de guerre of American songwriter, musician and singer Nika Roza Danilova whose latest LP is a collection of neo-classical reworkings of songs from her first three records, or so Wikipedia says. She’s joined on the record by former-Foetus Jim Thirlwell and the Mivos Quartet and the result is very nice indeed, one for cello fans.

Zola Jesus :: Night

Audio MP3

You don’t need the internet to tell you that Joanna Gruesome is a fantastic name. It will, however, reveal that this is not lame-goth chanteuse but a five-piece of Cardiffian and Londoner origins and that Quietus reviewer Helen King harbours an ambition to be cited in Private Eye’s Pseuds’ Corner. I could never be a music reviewer; all you need to know is that this is a good track from a good LP, one for guitar fans.

Joanna Gruesome :: Secret Surprise

I wasn’t going to mention the debut long player from M Roosevelt, which, while it isn’t an uninteresting record, hasn’t really sent my pulse racing. But this popped up on shuffle today and it’s exactly the kind of song that radio shows and blog posts should finish with. Googling M Roosevelt doesn’t help.

M Roosevelt :: Powerline

Photo: Love at Degraves by dan_alive; some rights reserved

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