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Blue the colour you can’t stand


Are we in the midst of a renaissance in French music? First two Grenoble bands, Decibelles then EinZweiDreiVier!, rocked this blog, now from the other side of the country come Trunks.

Describing their sound as pretty noise-rock and haïkus, Trunks are a five-piece from Rennes, if memory serves, the beautiful capital of Brittany.

To these ears, they also borrow heavily from the same French musical traditions so evident in the re-imagined new wave of Nouvelle Vague. The result is a lyrically sparse but musically rich and completely enchanting five and a half minutes.

Trunks :: Blue Dot

I like swimming in the sea, but I wouldn’t want to encounter any kind of marine–lupine creature, unless it were LA-based troubadour Alex Brown Wood and his merry band of sea wolves. This is from his 2007 LP, Leaves in the River, and it’s rather good.

Sea Wolf :: Black Dirt

Ironically, this next track comes from Polly Harvey’s first LP, Dry. This could easily have been a Fall song, and there’s no greater compliment.

PJ Harvey :: Water

Audio MP3

The b-side of New Order’s Blue Monday is an instrumental mix of the title track, called The Beach. Coincidentally this cover of the song is by the Bikini Beach Band. Surf’s up.

The Bikini Beach Band :: Big Blue Monday

Audio MP3

Talking of surf and beaches, this is Brian and the boys when, in John Peel’s words, they were, really, really good.

The Beach Boys :: 409

Audio MP3

Photo: Garrucha; some rights reserved

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