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Shouty hardcore bands don’t often appear on these pages and it’s fair to say that the same would probably have been true of EinsZweiDrieVier had they not decided to work with fellow Grenoblois, Decibelles.

Yes, contrary to what their name suggests, the band come from Grenoble in the foothills of the French Alps, where they recorded a three tracks for a mini-LP to which Decibelles added three of their own. The ’Belles also added their voices to this, the best of the three 1234 tracks. The result is less hardcore and more hard-pop, if there’s such a thing.

EinZweiDreiVier! :: State of Mind

This is the highlight of the Decibelles’ own contribution.

Decibelles :: Ohio

EinZweiDreiVier! may not be German but Frank Möller most definitely is, but he prefers to record his electro-charged pop under the frankly fantastic ananym, Knarf Rellöm. In this instance he chooses to further complicate matters by giving his band a name you wouldn’t want to have to repeat too often or too quickly.

Knarf Rellöm with the ShiShaShellöm :: Eins Null

Audio MP3

Knarf’s musical career began in Hamburg, where he may or may not have encountered local duo, Spillsbury. Raus!

Spillsbury :: Jona

Spillsbury :: Das Spiel ist aus

Thirty years before those tracks were recorded, Xmal Deutschland were Hamburg’s pre-eminent purveyor of the music known as goth. This was a big indie hit in 1983—happy days.

Xmal Deutschland :: Qual

Audio MP3

An equally big indie hit in ’83 was this ditty, the greatest “German” song of all time.

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle :: I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch

Audio MP3

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