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Greggs, Croydon, London CR0

If there were such a thing as a Best Punk-Pop Album of the Year award then Spain’s When Nalda Became a Punk would have it pretty much sown up, but running them a close second would be a female duo from the San Fernando Valley.

Bleached’s Ride Your Heart has been the smithsocksound of summer, the product of Jennifer and Jessie Calvin, two sisters with guitars and a great record collection. They look pretty cool too and write songs they describe as “punk, but also rock ‘n’ roll with a little bit of pop.”

This song closes the LP, but I could have selected any of its dozen tracks: a consummate record.

Bleached :: When I Was Yours

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Female punk-pop duos are absolutely where it’s at right now. Especially in California, whose state capital, Sacramento, is home to another pair of rock ’n’ roll–loving sisters.

Lucy and Gwendoline Giles make the kind of records that 15- and 17-year olds should make, full of attitude, innocence and street wisdom. I’m not sure about the band name, but any LP where 10 of the 13 tracks are less than three minutes long and one clocks in at a mere 44 seconds has to be worth listening to.

Dog Party :: Best Friends

That there is even a band called Science Bastard fills me with joy. That they sound good is just a bonus, and if you like your roll with lots of rock then you’ll certainly warm to an LP that goes by the charming name of Fuck Mono and claims to be the soundtrack to Greggs’ freshly baked sweet and savoury snacks.

The band are from Newport, Wales, and one of them appears to have a penchant for wearing a glitter mask on stage. It takes all sorts. Fire up those Bunsen burners.

Science Bastard :: Fly Island

That’s enough guitars for now, how about some Northern Lights electro from Sweden.

Deer Tracks :: W

Did someone say “enough guitars”? Did someone mention the Ramones?

Photo: Greggs, Croydon, London CR0 by Kake Pugh; some rights reserved

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