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Being a cutting-edge music blog pored over by Svengalis on every continent*, it usually behoves me to bring you the very best contemporary sounds, mixed with an occasional glimpse into rock ’n’ pop’s glorious past. Some of those Svengalis are quite young, you know.

In that spirit of public service, this week’s listening has leant towards the years preceding this one, largely because I discovered handfuls of recordings gathering dust in a folder on my desktop and not sparkling in iTunes, as they are now.

Take, for example, Exlovers’ first and only LP, Moth. Released in 2012, it’s largely been tragically overlooked by all but a privileged few. This lovely love song gives just an inkling of the delights that have recently caressed these ears. Allow them to caress yours.

Exlovers :: This Love Will Lead You On

Exhibit number two is also from 2012 and appears on the debut by probably the best band ever with Tiger in their name—and that includes Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!.

My Tiger My Timing :: Wasteland

The Give It Ups describe themselves as a shambolic, which is as good a word as any for the state of my “Music_pending” folder. At least they were organised enough to collect all their recordings into a single, lovely package that won’t cost you a thing—awesome indeed.

The Give It Ups :: Alison Awesome

Dirty Summer have also generously donated their complete recording to the listening public. They formed and split up while pupils at Queen Anne High School in Dunfermline and although their lifespan was short-lived, they left behind a couple of records full of naïvety and fuzzy guitars—which is exactly what high-school bands should do.

Dirty Summer :: Then He Kissed Me

Audio MP3

That is, of course, a cover of the Crystals’ 1963 classic. One-trick-pony Phil Spector’s over-egged “wall of sound” production almost overwhelms the enchanting vocal, but beauty will out.

The Crystals :: Then He Kissed Me

Audio MP3

Photo: Delicious Vinyl by Hryck; some rights reserved

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*Any resemblance to the facts is purely coincidental

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