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You poor, broken, mixed-up mess of a heart

Brussels heart

The centre of Brussels, defined by the ridiculous roads that trace the route of the old city walls, is often described as the pentagon, though thankfully not the kind that remotely drops bombs on Pakistani schoolchildren. But the shape also echoes that of the human heart and while no-one would describe Brussels as the city of love, it’s a poor broken mixed up mess of a city that I love, and if one day I have to leave it will break my heart.

Coincidentally, several of the records I’ve been listening too recently make reference to that most metaphorical of human organs. Given that love is the overwhelmingly most popular subject of the pop song, that’s scarcely a surprise. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy life without surprises—it is good for the heart, after all.

So too are Palmz, a retro-tinged Californian combo, whose 2012 six-track offering, Grow, is unashamedly nostalgic, analgesic and heart-warming. All at the same time.

Palmz :: Teenage Heartthrob

Exercise is also said to be good for the heart and you’d get plenty of that while jumping around to the very finest bluegrass music you may ever hear. I could play this record a thousand times and never get bored.

Boxcar Bandits :: Mixed Up Mess of a Heart

Audio MP3

All of which makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. Like this, another release on Spain’s increasingly fantastic Elefant Records, home to The School, Helen Love and The Yearning, for more of whom I am.

The Yearning :: Heart Beats a Little Bit Faster

Joakim is a French producer and musician who has been making records since 1999. Typically I hadn’t heard or heard of him until about two weeks ago.

Joakim :: Heartbeats

Equally new to these ears are The Capsules, whose new LP has only recently graced these pages. This lovely ditty, however, comes from their previous offering, 2008’s Long Distance Dedication.

The Capsules :: Hearts

And in such good heart as such music leaves us, what better way to finish than by playing this again, one of the very best pop songs of all time.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: Heart in Your Heartbreak

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