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One, two, three o’clock

And then there was one. Which, as you all know, is the most important number in the history of rock ’n’ pop music.

Reaching number one is considered to be the apogee of musical achievement, confirming, as if confirmation were needed, that Mariah Carey stands at the high altar of the pop pantheon.

Meanwhile, at the back of the gathered worshippers stand the Pistolas, who, as far as I can tell, made made just one record. That four-track EP packs more punch than Mariah’s entire output would even if it were force-fed protein supplements and stuffed full of steroids. Listen, Listen indeed.

The Pistolas :: 1-2-3 Revolt

Audio MP3

The next number in that sequence is exactly four more than the number of Mariah records I own and approximately equal to the number that feature a xylophone. This is a shortcoming to which I will happily confess but thankfully those that do have that Evelyn Glennis touch more than make up in quality what they lack in quantity.

Acid House Kings :: One Two Three Four

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Forgive, for a moment, the questionable grammar in the next selection’s title and marvel instead at how beautiful pop music can be, despite Mariah’s best efforts.

Lucky Soul :: One Kiss Don’t Make a Summer

Audio MP3

Normally I’m far from keen on tribute LPs, wherein a disparate selection of largely unknown artists record generally sub-standard versions of songs originally recorded by a rather more famous artist. But there are always exceptions to my arbitrary rules and I certainly make one for Hard Headed Woman: a Tribute to Wanda Jackson. Not least because it features a track by the adorable Laura Cantrell, but also because of this.

Jane Baxter Miller :: One Day at a Time

Audio MP3

That couldn’t be more country and this couldn’t be more eighties, coming as it does from the under-appreciated voice of LP by former Josef K frontman, Paul Haig. Warp of Pure Fun had one best titles and the coolest covers of the decade—and one of its finest songs.

Paul Haig :: One Lifetime Away

Audio MP3

Which leaves just two full-length records before we go. Start the countdown, Billie.

Billie the Vision and the Dancers :: One More Full Length Record

Audio MP3

And the real reason why one is the most important jukebox digit?

Photo: [Becoming.Number.One♥] by Aih; some rights reserved

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