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Moderns, you should stay home


The world’s finest music festival takes place this weekend and as usual I won’t be there to see smithsocksimon faves such as When Nalda Became Punk, Camera Obscura, Alpaca Sports and Helen Love.

Indietracks is a unique combination of heritage trains and indiepop music; it’s Thomas the Tank Engine set to jangly guitars in the Derbyshire countryside. Brilliant ideas were never more brilliant.

Thankfully for those of us unable to enjoy free rides on the Midland Railway Butterly, the festival organisers have compiled a fantastic selection of tunes from this year’s musical entertainment that you can download for the ridiculously low price of £2. Summer will not be the same without it.

The French Defence :: If You Still Want Him

Making Marks :: Ticket Machine

Sweden’s Alpaca Sports will doubtlessly be one of the festival highlights, following a succession of delightful, charming singles of which this is the latest.

Alpaca Sports :: He Doesn’t Even Like You

One performer I’m really not looking forward to missing is Helen Love, making a long-awaited return to live action. Her Atomic single is my favourite of the year to date while her new LP is sure to get lots of airtime on the siPod. I love the Thatcher reference in this track, even if, as one reader suggested, it’s little more than sixth-form poetry.

Helen Love :: Our Mum and Dad

But if I could pluck one band from the line-up and transport them to a stage in my back garden, it would be Spain’s magnificent When Nalda Became Punk. Their debut LP, A Farewell to Youth, is outstanding and no stranger to these parts. This is another track from it.

When Nalda Became Punk :: Moderns, You Should Stay Home

Photo: Eight #3; some rights reserved

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