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Perambulate, a good friend said, when I lamented a lack of loquaciousness, though not an absence of alliteration, in the preparation of this post.

Not a bad suggestion, as it happens, since perambulate is exactly what I do when I write these posts, strolling around the sonar landscape in search of enrichments to the musical lexicon.

Failing that, how about something that I really shouldn’t like, but I do. It’s nothing more than a rough and ready mix of US indie rock and UK indie pop but it’s so much more than The Killers. And that, my lexical friends, is a good thing.

Dead Stars :: Waste Away

The first time I had horse meat was in Lyon and I can tell you that it makes a damn fine burger. I wish I’d discovered it earlier and likewise with this record, specifically during the foofaraw surrounding the discovery of horse meat in “beef” products sold in UK supermarkets. But I didn’t, so you’ll have to listen to it now. Be warned, an acoustic ballad it isn’t.

Science Bastard :: Horse Meat Disco

Something a little calmer now. No strangers to these parts, Sweden’s Acid House Kings have a new single in the offing which will include this remix of a track from their 2006 LP, Sing Along With Acid House Kings. And why not?

Acid House Kings :: This Heart is a Stone [Acid House Kings’ Costa Blanca Version]

This is a cover of a Nine Inch Nails track and that it’s good is therefore surprising and grist to the mill of my hastily assembled and sketchily substantiated argument that there is no such thing as a bad song, just a bad version.

Superhumanoids :: March of the Pigs

And speaking of covers, the less said about this the better. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Kill Them with Colour :: True Love

Photo: Horse aside; some rights reserved

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