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Maybe it’s the seven years I lived in Brixton and maybe it’s a cliche, but there’s nothing like a bit of reggae at ear splitting volume on a hot summer’s day.

This fits the bill perfectly, though strictly speaking it isn’t reggae but its electronically inclined, hip hop-influenced offspring, ragga.

Raggasonic, the clue is indeed in the name, are a French trio responsible for three LPs, though it’s taken them almost 20 years to get to the third.

I’m generally not in favour of second guessing the musical tastes of John Peel, but he would have loved this. Raggasonic 3 should be the LP of the summer, so enjoy it while you can. Blow the speakers.

Raggasonic :: Ça va clasher

Audio MP3

Staying in France, we can wonder, as the French are wont to do, what might happen if an American francophile teamed up with a hodgepodge of French musicians, including two erstwhile Stereolab members, to make a pop record.

Well wonder no more, for that is exactly what April March did and the result is a full of French pop loveliness, funky rhythms and sixties harmonies record that sounds perfect on a hot afternoon. Stick with me and I’ll have a complete seasonal soundtrack for you.

April March and Aquaserge :: Sparklers

Audio MP3

The Capsules are from Kansas and this year has seen the release of their fourth LP, Northern Lights and Southern Skies, which will surely brighten any day.

The Capsules :: With Signs Repeating

Can it only be now that I’ve got round to including a track from the latest Camera Obscura LP, which I’m sure you’ve all bought by now? Desire Lines another immaculate collection of songs from Glasgow’s finest, all penned by singer Tracyanne Campbell who has about 100 times the talent of Ellie Goulding and about one hundredth of the acclaim or success. It is for that reason alone, though there are many more, that we need to build a new society.

Camera Obscura :: Troublemaker

Audio MP3

And finally, another track from that fantastic but no-longer available Splitter LP, Thea. Stick on the iPod and take it for a stroll in the evening sunshine: perfect.

Splitter :: Concrete Jungle

Photo: Lagoon; some rights reserved

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