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I saw two shooting stars last night

Satellite Dishes

Such is my love for the debut LP by Spain’s When Nalda Became Punk that I’m taking the unprecedented step of blogging a third track from A Farewell to Youth.

The band started as plain Nalda, formed by singer and guitarist Elena Sestelo, but Became Punk with the release of a mini-LP, Time to Meet Your Family, in 2010. Nalda then became two when Elena was joined by Roberto Cibeira.

The result is an album of perfect indie pop that should have you jumping around the room, air guitar optional.

When Nalda Became Punk :: Satellites

And if that has whetted your appetite, as it should have, feast on this free single from the band’s record label, Shelflife, which deserves a mention for quoting this blog on its website. Fame at last!

When Nalda Became Punk :: When It’ll Come

Sophie and Peter Johnston were a brother-and-sister duo from Newcastle Upon Tyne with the enviable chart record that amounts to one week at number 99 for the single Happy Together. But it was for their next release that they achieved a modicum of acclaim, deserverdly reaching number 37 in John Peel’s Festive Fifty for 1987.

Sophie and Peter Johnston :: Television Satellite

Audio MP3

I Satellite make retro futurist minimal electronic new wave analog synth electro pop music inspired by the music and sounds from the golden era of analog synthesisers, the late 70’s and early 80’s, using vintage analog synths and drum machines for all sounds and textures. They’ve also covered one of the great songs from that era, which made us all snigger like schoolboys, as indeed schoolboys we were, when it appeared on New Order’s 1983 opus, Power, Corruption and Lies.

I Satellite :: Your Silent Face

Audio MP3

That song was taken from 15 Beauty Tips For Modern Music Lovers, a free sampler of artists on the Beautiful Music label, which you can download in full by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

I have no idea whence this track was taken; an internet search reveals nothing. It’s as if it has never existed, which would have been a pity.

Microsatellite :: Future music 4 future people

Audio MP3

Which lyricless beauty brings us to the best line ever about the orbiting electronics that feed our insatiable, gobal appetite for knowledge and entertainment, and capitalism’s endless bloodlust.

I saw two shooting stars last night, I wished on them, but they were only satellites. It’s wrong to wish on space hardware, I wish, I wish, I wish you cared.

This is the original, without the third verse that he added later at the behest of Kirsty MacColl, who had a top 10 hit with the resulting version. In this case, as in so many things, less is most defintely more.

Billy Bragg :: A New England

Photo: satellite nation :p by Burcu; some rights reserved

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