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Sunrise Motel

This blog likes to take the occasional musical road trip across the great USA, clocking up the virtual miles in search of good and sometimes great music. Recently we’ve taken in: Elmhurst, Illinois; Brooklyn, New York; and Oakland and Los Angeles in California. Today we start our engine in Missoula, Montana, home of the Boys.

Missoula is, according to Weird Missoula, “a little town in the mountains that time forgot” on the western edge of the state. The same blog describes the Boys as garage rockers with a sense of humour and an antidote to “music nerds [who] have a tendency to take themselves WAY too seriously.” They put their first LP out last year and being the most generous of sorts, declined to charge for it. What have you got to lose?

The Boys :: Now, a Raid of Sea People!

Leaving Missoula and heading south on the I15 south, it’s 1,200 miles to Los Angeles, home of Family of the Year. The band may have made the Californian city their home, but while keyboard player Christina Schroeter is a local the other members come from much farther afield. Guitarist and drummer respectively, Joseph and Sebastian Keefe are brothers born in Wales, while second guitarist James Buckey is from Jacksonville, Florida.

They released their first full-length LP in 2009, Songbook, a pleasing blend of americana and indie pop and you can download the whole thing for a dollar or more.

Family of the Year :: I Played Drums on This

Motel Hell

We’re staying overnight in LA, in a U-shaped cheap motel with a pool empty except for discarded beer cans and Sea Wolf blasting out of cheap, chipped speakers. Sea Wolf is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Alex Brown Church, whose second LP has been sitting on my iPod for a while without troubling the scorers, until now.

Sea Wolf :: Wicked Blood

With wicked blood running in our veins, we now head east to Austin, Texas, a 19-hour drive that will provide plenty of time to listen to the second LP from Austin’s Pure X. I’ve listened to it a couple of times and I still can’t make my mind up about it, but this track is, as they say, something else.

Pure X :: Someone Else

Photos: sunrise motel by alan berning and motel hell by Patrick Wilken; some rights reserved

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