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Eva on the Western Castle Island

What would happen if you crossed a young Malaysian woman with three chaps from Finland? Some quite delightful pop music, courtesy of Eva on the Western Castle Island.

Eva, so the bio goes, lived in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru with her mother and little sister and like all Malaysian girls she was spending her days in karaoke booths, huge shopping malls and night markets.

But Eva was also a pop star beginning to tire of the plastic doll-like image she was forced into and decided to move to Finland whereupon she met the three aspiring popsters of Western Castle Island. The band released their first EP, The Wong Way, in March 2013 through the ever-wonderful and generous EardrumsPop.

Eva on the Western Castle Island :: Surfing Like a Guru

Local Girls were hand-picked from a bunch of indie pop wannabes, their disillusioned road crew and loyal fan base by a member of the music industry elite and enjoy hanging around outside McDonald’s. Possibly one of those factoids is in fact a fact.

Hailing from Brixton, my favourite part of London, this quartet make raucously tuneful pop music, the band released their first LP in 2012. Deluxe Kicks has been variously described neanderthal, witty, edgy and strut-inducing. I’ll add excellent.

Local Girls :: 12

Aptly, given the title of that track, the next comes from Hertfordshire’s self-styled maths rockers, Pet Friends. I still don’t know what math rock is, but I do know that the price of their debut recording, I Don’t Want Pet Friends, adds up to nothing.

Pet Friends :: 12 Steps

Which brings us to one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite LPs of 2009, Pocketbooks’ Flight Path. Sixties-tinged guitar pop doesn’t get much better than this.

Pocketbooks :: Footsteps

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