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Imagine a blend of Swedish, radio-friendly pop and Italo disco—frightening, isn’t it? But that’s the perfect description of Sally Shapiro, a Gothenburg duo comprising “Sally” and Johan Agebjörn.

The epitome of publicity shy, “Sally” has never revealed her real name, let alone anything about her life away from the band. Agebjörn, a psychology student, has said that he chose the name because the duo inspired by artists like Valerie Dore and Katy Gray, who also had a team of producers and writers behind them using the name of a singer as the title for the project.

Somewhere Else is Sally Shapiro’s third LP, released early in 2013, and this is a track on it.

Sally Shapiro :: All My Life

Whirr are from Oakland, California, and describe themselves as alternative punk shoegazers—a bit like Sally Shapiro then. This lovely ditty is taken from February 2013 LP, Pipe Dreams.

Whirr :: Home is Where My Head Is

Staying in the US, we travel 2,00 miles due east to Elmhurst, Illinois, home of The Orwells. In 2012 they released their debut LP, the blue-tinged Remember When. This track, Painted Faces and Long Hair, bears a slight resemblance to work of the mighty Fall.

The Orwells :: Painted Faces and Long Hair

Audio MP3

Back on the road, still heading east and we reach Brooklyn, New York, home of The Ferns.

The Ferns :: And It Looked Like This

One short-ish hop over the Atlantic and we’re in London, home of Cop on the Edge, which might sound like a cliched crime thriller but in fact sounds like this.

Cop on the Edge :: Marks

Photo: Ferns; some rights reserved

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