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You wouldn’t want a holiday in my head


It was a spontaneous musing, brought about late one evening, by a discovered mutual appreciation of some noisy rabble or another.

“We should form a punk rock band; totally demented songs, everything under two minutes.”

It’s safe to say that these were not the circumstances that resulted in Snow Patrol.

So begins the story of Flies On You, whose debut LP, Nothing to Write Home About, was released last September. They’re from Leeds, reluctantly “tolerate the anaemic epithet ‘DIY post-punk’” and occasionally make a record that’s longer than 120 seconds.

Flies on You :: Josephine

Josephine doesn’t want for company.

Acid House Kings :: Come Josephine

Acid House Kings are due to release a split single with fellow and oh-so-typically Swedish popsters, Alpaca Sports, whose records deserve buying for the artwork alone.

Alpaca Sports :: I Was Running

Which is as good and as spurious a reason as any for playing this version of Roy Orbison’s masterpiece.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :: Running Scared

Audio MP3

Photo: Josephine 4 by Tor Kristensen; some rights reserved.
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