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The bats are in the bell tower, the victims have been bled


Founded in 2008, Eardrums Pop has been one of the most consistently reliable record labels of the past five years, releasing a string of singles and compilations that would enrich anyone’s iTunes. Each release is free and includes artwork that should make many a commercial label squirm with embarrassment.

Take ePop028, the debut release by Sleeping Policemen, a five-piece from Hamburg who make music that, were it visible to the naked eye, would look like ice cream (see the aforementioned artwork).

They also like eggs and sausages. Coincidentally, so do I.

Sleeping Policemen :: Jack of All Trades

Audio MP3

Insect Guide are from Leeds and their first Eardrums release was called Bats, which most definitely aren’t insects. In fact it’s about batting lashes, something which, to the best of my knowledge, insects don’t have, despite the relative size of their eyes.

This has the catalogue number ePop007, licensed to delight.

Insect Guide :: Bats

Audio MP3

Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds have just released their fifteenth studio LP, the brilliant Push the Sky Away. These days Cave takes critical acclaim in his stride, but before he was a lauded poet, novelist and screenwriter he fronted a terrifying punk band that made records conceived in the very entrails of rock ’n’ roll. Hold on to your stomachs.

The Birthday Party :: Release the Bats

Audio MP3

Bauhaus, by contrast, always seemed more likely to move in with bats: the “inventors of ‘goth’” made their name with this elegy to a famous screen vampire. They later achieved a modicum of chart success with a decent cover of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, but never topped this astonishing nine minutes. Few have.

Bauhaus :: Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Audio MP3

Photo: Bauhaus by me; some rights reserved.

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